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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Everybody will be so happy!

OK ! Confirmed already ! The gaoment is fucking the Rakyat for the second time in just a matter of months with a 12% increased in elektrik tariff ! KNNBCCP, seems like gaoment is learning very well from Lin Peh; got erection must fuck someone! Only difference is Lin Peh fuck during erection but gaoment fuck after erection over ! Diu Niama !

So you think tonight TV going to have the special announcement to teach peeple how to change lifestyle like the oil price inccreased time liddat ? Well..maybe not. Because during the oil price increased, gaoment ask peeple to take LRT instead of driving own car; but LRT use elektrik wan wor ! Don't tell me that the gaoment going to make all the LRT to run on charcoal like those choo choo train in the old cowboy movie! KNN!

Actually, Lin Peh got a few suggestions for the gaoment to counter the increased in the elektrik tariff so let's share the idea here:

1. Dismantle all the yellow bulbs on the Traffic lights
Since no one give a fuck about the yellow color on the traffic light, why bother ? Lin Peh sure gaoment will save a lot of elektrik if they just take off the yellow light bulbs. Moreover, the yellow light bulbs can be sold to those Restoran Tom Yam and use the money as oil subsidies. We will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

2. Switch off the street lights in the city
Our city is so damn fucking jam even at middle of night! The lights from all the cars is sufficient to light up the entire city especially those chibye Ah Beng's car headlight got use the lanjiao bright bulp can shine 5km wan! so Lin Peh think the gaoment can just off all the streetlights! However, in the event when the street is cleared, just ask the traffic police to set up some road blocks and Lin Peh garanti the cars will pile up again ! By doing so, not only we save elektrik, we also can cut down the road accident cause no one can speed anymore. We will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

3. Speed up the internet
Many computers in this country is turn on 24 hours per day because they are being used to download yamade movies. If the gaoment can increase the bandwidth of the internet, downloading will be much faster and computer need not be turn on all the time. We will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

4. Cut short the Office Hour
Even tho most peeple in this country claims that they work 8 hours per day, but seriously, 99% work for the maximum of 3 hours only (the one 1% less than 3 hours)! The rest of the time is spent on downloading yamade movies, minum kopi, internet chatting or scatching the bosses balls in office! So, be real la ! Just cut the office hours so that everyone work 3 hours enough! We will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

5. Send out more moral police and spy on peeple
Currently there are some fuckers who called themselves moral police in this country. What they basically do is to go around and spy on peeple and check whether the pattern they yamade is in accordance with the lanjiao chibye standard. If gaoment can just send out more of these moral police, Lin Peh sure all the peeple in this country will never turn on the lights at their home (office also for some peeple). We will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

With the above measures, we will save all the elektrik and Everybody will be so happy!

28 Condeminations:

Anonymous Neo condemn:

Me no happy oh. Electricity bill naik oh.

Anonymous LP condemn:

The gaoment will ask the rakyat start bela fireflies.
Here are some advantages of bela fireflies:
1) No cost on the elektrik.
2) Can use that to teach the kids to sing twinkle twinkle little stars....
3) All the couple no need go to romantik places to paktoh liao, use just 1 firefly light bulb will be enough romantik in their room. Just have to pay higher cost 9 months later

Blogger Wingz condemn:

ngau lan tun G hai lar this time!!!

Blogger Samm condemn:

Since i leech 24/7, my lcd monitor would be bright enuf to light up my room. Ahhhh, i kill all birds with one stone.

Blogger Simple American condemn:

What da heck is a yamade movie?

I have yet to find in my travels any gaoment that needs an erection to fuck. Power is an erection all by itself. No bones about it.

Blogger King's wife condemn:

when is your next erection? I vote for you...

Blogger titoki condemn:

LOL @ King's Wife's comment.

I will vote for you too!!! ;p

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Good for you ! Since you are affected means you belong to the rich group ;-)

You studied that fireflies story in chinese primary school, right ? ;-)

Your got the recipe for the "ngau lan tun G hai" ?

Get a 29 inch monitor and lite up your neighbour's house as well !

Simple American:
You Amedika peeple dunno what is yamade movie huh ? OK...In Amedika, this is the type of movie staring peeple like John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Traci Lord, Asia Carrera...etc. Got it ?

King's wife:
OK. 1 vote already !

OK. 2 votes already

Blogger +wennie condemn:

i vote oso! Sa-Pot linpeh! Yoo Hoo!!!

Blogger CrazyGrr| condemn:

I will also vote for u in the next erection!! 3 votes for u now. LOL!!

Blogger CrazyGrr| condemn:

oopss.. 4 actually. haha!!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

I got buy shares in TNB wan.
Good man! The higher the hike, the better the the EPS this year! Yahoo!!

Blogger Simple American condemn:


Educational films. ic or rather I would like to see. Try later.

Blogger sengkor condemn:

they purposely raise the rate b4 world cup one! becos 99% of the TVs will be on in the middle of the nite during tht time!

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

don't switch on your air con while screwing.

Blogger me condemn:

on the personal front, linpeh can set up sex-dam; works a bit like hydrodam. when linpeh visits all his piao meis and engage in hot fun, tap the energy from the couple (through wires hooked on the bodies)and store as future energy. tell me if can work or not, ok? maybe enough to supply electricity for whole of shah alam.

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Tell u what la u go and form a party la and call B.A.P ( blogger Action Party)

You become Chairman
Latuk Rojak your Sec General
I become party Tresurer (take all the money bet world cup game)

Ah Seng as Youth Chairman
KW as Women Chief

Auntie kautip Penang and nothern side

Perak will kautiam by Helen

Negeri 9 Ah Pek sure win la

Mr Ayam of coz Southern side Malaka and Johore

Send Ah May and Jomel to the east coast as need two beauty to change the mind set of east cost rakyat

BFucker love to travel so send him to East Malaysia but he need to blog how he going to cut his gugu skin

if ok 5d5d go register to ROS

Anonymous Jkn condemn:

I volunteer as spin doctor/media gestapo.

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

So much fire la this post..

*run away and hide*

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Long time no see. Tank Q for the vote ;-)

KNN! 3 or 4 oso u dunno how to count. No wonder no Krazy ;-)

Cocka Doodle:
EPS does not mean anything unless they declare it as dividend la ! But Lin Peh guess the EPS will not improve much cause they going to declare kao kao mia bonus for their staff this year ;-)

Simple American:
Glad you understand now ;-)

seng kor:
Yeah lor....they pannai la ;-)

Ah Pek:
No air con and off light also ?

Niasing ! U see Lin Peh veli up wor ! You really tink Lin Peh can generate so much "energy" when yamadeing ? Want try ? ;-)

Nine3 Nine 3:
Wah Sai ! Your plan damn 9 solid ! But Lin Peh tink cocka should also be given the position as Vice Chairman so he can in charge of all the Vices !

Like Singaphpore mia MediaCorps liddat ?

Zara's Mama:
No need to run ! Kor kor no catch u wan ! This post "fire" so we can save elektrik mah ! ;-)

Anonymous Pek Imm condemn:

lin peh's glow in the dark whip can now be put to good use

Blogger me condemn:

lin peh got soooo many piao meis, i really thought all the time lin peh also up mah. how i know ? *innocent look*

Blogger L B condemn:

Visit Uncle Ho for Photoshop ~ downloading will take up too much electricity too..

Anonymous Alex condemn:

and those rows of street lamps i saw in putra jaya... enuf to light up the huts for african kids... to study. :)

east msia got increase ar?

Blogger Helen condemn:

I like your suggestions.

What about asking the rakyat to find activities that is non-electricity related? (like yamade sessions with piao mei)

It'll save money coz u need not switch on the lights! lol

Blogger Helen condemn:

Hey, nowadays yamade until no new post ar?? Too exhausted? :-P

Anonymous Sooi2 condemn:

Ya lar linpeh...less time yamade, more time blogging mah.

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Talk talk know lah, did you guys vote properly? It's the G we choosed, vote smart k!

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