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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mari, Mari.... Register FrenzRSS for Free !


Only a few days left for you to Sing Song for Chinese New Year.

Recently, Lin Peh punya friends 5xMom and Rojak created a site call FrenzRSS and Lin Peh have promised them to help promote a bit.

Just like the old Chinese saying "Thou shall not be fucked by 5Xmom and Rojak", so Lin Peh better make this special post to promote kao their FrenzRSS before they both come fuck kao Lin Peh. HAHA !

What is FrenzRSS?
FrenzRSS is like a directory but better than your normal phone directory because the update is so damn fast, almost realtime like that! No need to wait one year! Once you registered with FrenzRSS, your latest post will appear at the directory automatically and almost immediately! So, very easy for peeple to know when you updated your blog. At the same time, you make sure you bookmark the FrenzRSS page and go there often to see whether your piaoker piaomei updated their blog also! That's what FrenzRSS are for !

How to Register
This one very easy and they don't ask for your mother's name wan! ;-)

First you go to and click on the SIGN UP HERE

Then, you just fill in the form lor! Anyway, before you fill in the form, please check and see whether your RSS link is correct by copying the address into your browser and see whether it works.

Your RSS link shall look something like this :
For Blogspot -
For Non-Blogspot -

If the RSS link leads to a page with all your posts that means everything is in order and you are ready to register liao. If got error message, please check your eyes because you have probably copy the RSS link worngly!

The next step is to go ahead and fill in the form like the following samples and remember to hit SUBMIT

For Blogspot:

For Non-Blospot:

Of course, please remember to replace Elvis Presley with your own info. However, if your name is really Elvis Presley, please contact Lin Peh because THE WHOLE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR YOU !

That's all. Simple and Useful !

7 Condeminations:

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

tenkiu! i'm sold!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Tank Q...I early early register liao.

Blogger The Angel condemn:

I have register that weeks ago~

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Hahaha. What a nice ending xD

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

I also want to look for Elvis!

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

LinPeh - I hari-hari praktis the song but still can't pronounce properly lah. How ah? Can give me talk English part or not? Or talk Hokkien?

Blogger CY condemn:

5xmom - Just simply sing nen-nen nen-nen. I trust Lin Peh will find a place to insert it into the song xD

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