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Sunday, January 07, 2007

How Can We Help When the Internet Condemn Already ?

Niamafulatt! it seems like the internet connection still very condemn even tho the TV got show some divers repairing the cables under the sea. Recently, newspaper also got report that many bloggers very pissed off because cannot blog ! They even show one blogger so tulan until the face look like want to commit suicide liddat! That shows how dependant we are on the internet! Tiu !

Actually, Lin Peh also long time no post already! My last post was in 2006...WAH! Almost one year already wor! By now I think many peeples thinking Lin Peh kena exploded while yamadeing in Bangkok or kena hanged by the US gaoment while doing chemistry experiment in the cave ! HAHAHA!

So, before you all decided to abandon Lin Peh's Blog, Lin Peh die die also must post something just to keep you all know Lin Peh not yet die.

Since the connection is so slow and many bloggers facing the same problem, Lin Peh will tell you what we can do to help out as good bloggers and bloggees. Here are my Prefessional Advice:

For Bloggers:

1. Don't post movie of your baby trying to walk or to tok because no one actually give a shit about it! To tell you the thruth, many readers usually comment "So cute...", "I am amazed..." etc before they even see the movie! LOL!

2. Don't post picture of your christmas present! Reason ? See No.1 above! LOL!

3. Don't write long story and complain about the gaoment because there is nothing new ! LOL!


5. Ok la...if your really need to something like this one

For Bloggees:

1. Don't waste your time waiting to download non-humsap movie or picture ;-)

2. When visiting those humsap blogs but see a blank page; USE YOUR IMAGINATION and start TFK! HAHAHAH!

3. Don't spam the comment box by offering penis enlargement medicine or multiple orgasm pills; ALL THE MALE BLOGGERS DICK ALL LONG LONG and FEMALE BLOGGERS ALL STIM STIM ALREADY ! LOL!

4. Stare at blank page and laugh loud loud as if you are reading something really funny. This will make your colleagues jealous and screw up their performence ! Like that you will get better increment !

5. If No.4 not applicable to you, you better stop wasting your time reading blog and GO BACK TO WORK ! LOL!

12 Condeminations:

Blogger Dragon City condemn: work will need more bandwith compare to i will continue to read blog rather than working.. = )

Blogger angel condemn:

OK I shall follow your "advice"... what would i do without you horrr? :P

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh happy new year to U I really tot U yamadeing until dun know how to cum bek and blog liao lor..... Last time I hear from U was last yr lor... Time realli flies man..... My blog alrite wor so I can show christmas pressie's or not ah?? Or mebbe show some food for U ah???

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Niamafulat! apa teori ni? Sot plug ledi ar?

Blogger ricadoe condemn:

wah, very funny. i laugh from beginning until end. Please be active in posting lah. Don't be lazy.

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

ah...veri good ad..vice!!!!

Blogger mistipurple condemn:

cham. i posted pic of presents i received. lol. happy new year Lin Peh!

Blogger dreamie condemn:

Baru buka blog kedai ? waiseh... your hornidays must be veli syiok sekali !!!

and first thing gif us all
professional advices alredi
you good leh !! ... :)

Blogger Sasha condemn:

okay lo.. i wont post Jayden's pictures and videos anymore lor :(

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

good idea wor... then i go download more hamsap movie than concert now!

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Hmm... no internet = no fun

Anonymous weeks condemn:

erm..its supposed to be serious post kah?..
i kinda liked it when mrbrown posted his boy's first step...

nowadays wery hard to find hamsap blogs lah..all also sked gaverment..

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