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Thursday, August 30, 2007

1957 vs 2007

Academy Award for Best Picture
1957: Around the World in 80 Days
2007: Go Around KL in 80 Hours (Trafic Jam la)

Academy Award for Best Actor
1957: Alec Guinness (The Bridge on the River Kwai)
2007: Samy Vellu (The Bridge on the Sungai Siput)

Top Hit Single
1957: Great Balls of Fire
2007: Some Balls still on Fire

Broadway Musical Debut
1957: West Side Story
2007: Back Side Story

Most Popular Book
1957: From Russia with Love
2007: From Mongolia with Love

Most Popular Television Show in USA
1957: Gunsmoke
2007: Gun Still Got Smoke

New Technological Invention
1957: Ultrasound Scanning
2007: Ultraman Scanning

Best of All
1957: Malaysia Celebrate Merdeka
2007: Malaysia Still Celebrating Merdeka

Anyway, Happy 50th Birthday!


9 Condeminations:

Anonymous Piaoko condemn:

Must show Piaomei wearing our Jagua Gamilang panties lah! Now is Merdeka celebration and must support support ma!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Happy Merdeka to you and your countrymen Lin Peh. :)

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

lin peh!!! this time no go out strip dance ar?!

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

Ha!Ha! U r simply amazing! So funny! No wander my holy office computer ban ur site! Got 'ball' entries somemore!Have a nice hornyday!

Blogger spookygrace condemn:

merdeka, merdeka, bolehland

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

1957 single hits...
"Sleep Walk" Santo & Johnny

2007 ...
"Sleep Walk" by Bodowi

Anonymous littlepolaris condemn:

haha, nice merdeka post!

Blogger Sasha condemn:

i tot u will do some special dance tim for merdeka...

Blogger Huei condemn:

hahahhaahh they celebrating 50years of "sat pai-ness"!

such a disgrace!

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