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Friday, January 11, 2008

Poor Daddy Rich Daddy


Poor Daddy:
Pretend to be rich

Rich Daddy:
Pretend to be poor

Poor Daddy:
Rear dog outside the house

Rich Daddy:
Rear dog inside the house

Poor Daddy:
Go see doctor, doctor ask him to gain weight

Rich Daddy:
Doctor go see him, doctor ask him to lose weight

Poor Daddy:
Ride Bicycle on the street

Rich Daddy:
Ride Bicycle in the Living Room

Poor Daddy:
Make the wife become his part time Secretary

Rich Daddy:
Make Secretary become his part time wife

Poor Daddy:
Wake up by the chicken crowing in the morning

Rich Daddy:
Crow and wake up the chicken in the evening

15 Condeminations:

Blogger Huei condemn:


i wan a poor daddy then

Blogger Dragon City condemn:

haha.... a good one..
damn funny yet meaningful

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

sky keep u la!! lim peh paling rich

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

confirm!!! i'm a poor daddy!!!!!!

Blogger candygan condemn:

so u mau be poor daddy or rich daddy lei ?? ;p

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

good good
very funny

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Every morning I get waken by the 'chicken' sleeping beside me!!! I am cumfirm a poor daddy!

Anonymous littlepolaris condemn:

lin peh, what do poor mum and rich mum do then? I very poor also dat's why I rear beanie dog. lol

Blogger Wuching condemn:

which daddy are you?

Blogger zewt condemn:

the last one was a killer hahahahaha!

Blogger K3ViN condemn:

i get 2 know u from n i wish 2 ask ur permission 2 use the song tat been upload 2 ur site -
hope u can allow me... one more thing, i'm from member......

Blogger K3ViN condemn:

thanks 4 letting me use the song.. i oready paot it n here is the link :

Anonymous Bee Stung Lips condemn:

Lin Peh can u do me a favour and link to my new domain Please please please... :-p

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

You are truly talented!

I really like what you wrote; it's so real; surreal!

Give us more!!!!

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