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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fong Vs Samy - A Comparative Study

Who should you vote for ?
Please Scrool Down.......

Fong Po KuanSamy Vellu
Perak MPPerak MP
Ah MoiAn Neh
Batu GajahPray to Gajah
Known as Cili PadiKnown as Bola Carry
Got married this yearThis year not yet married
Bocor Every MonthBotak Everyday
Rule herself out of coming election due to Internal PoliticsRule everyone else out of coming election due to Internal Politics
Cannot be contacted recentlyAppearing everywhere recently
Got BlogDon't even have Friendster

What's your choice ?

10 Condeminations:

Blogger JoMel condemn:

What's your choice? Do we have a choice?? Kakakakak! ;)

Anonymous orang cina condemn:

gua vote itu fong, hidup DAP.

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

Aiyoh! U forget to add one point!
One u can poke! The other u get poked!!!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

One bak suet suet, wat luet luet.

the other one HAK YAN ZHANG

Blogger dreamie condemn:

One is a flower, the other a thorn


Happy Chap Goh Mei !!

Blogger Zephyr condemn:

damn hilarious!

coming erection no eyes see

damn corrupted cuntree

Blogger Jason Lee condemn:

Me heard Sami Value will form a new party, [P]arti [U]ntuk [K]aum [I]ndia.

very good move !

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

that one really good la...

wa ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

u say leh who to vote for.........

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Samy was spotted in Gleneagle Medical Center Singapore a week before CNY. What was he doing there? Is he hiding something?

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