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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boleh Goes To Court

Boleh Only Good At Simply Tok
Boleh Only Good At Toking Cock
Boleh Took The Neighbour Go To Court
Neighbour Got The Island Boleh Got The Rock


Boleh Blame The Lawyer Not Prepared
Because Lingam Was Not Even There
Boleh Blame The Court Not Fair
Because Fairuz Was Not Sitting There


6 Condeminations:

Blogger dreamie condemn:

Adooooiiii ... sakitnya my perut !!

Lin Peh, the manner tis U blog
and talking cock
had me laughing non-stop !!

I salute U !!!

Anonymous Ahboon condemn:

TunM is not here, thats y they weren't there

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

luckily lingam wasn't there
if neighbor say anything
lingam will say
correct correct correct

Blogger amanda condemn:

wah - a nice poem.. haha, especially - Neighbour Got The Island Boleh Got The Rock

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Kah,kah,kah, ROTFL...

...Boleh Got The Rock.

That is veli chun. I am sharing this with my kakis at MT, hope you don't mind-lah!


Blogger CK condemn:

another good one linpeh!!!

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