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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Great Bloggers' Meet

King's wife is trying to organise a bloggers' meet because she is very wonder how the other bloggers actually looks like. According to her blog, Is It Gere or Pitt, she is hoping that Lin Peh look like this angmore actor Richard Gere and the Ah Pek blogger looks like Brad Pitt. I don't know about Ah Pek but Lin Peh sure look like the picture in profile. Only difference is real life lagi more cool !Anyway, if King's wife want to make the blogger meet sucessful wan, Lin Peh actually can contribute some ideas because Lin Peh got this very crass idea about organising event:

Theme: The Great Blooger's Meet 2005
Venue: 5-star hotel
Time: Dinner Time

Organising Committee:
Chair Woman: King's wife
Entertainment: 5XMom and her Yeh Sou Choir
Multimedia: Kang Xian
Food: Jason (since he can wack 5 popiah)
Registration Counter: Samm (pregnant already, so she can be sitting most of time)
Security: Ah Pek
Committee Members: Zara's Mama, Seng Kor, Desmond Wong
If there is anyone else who wants to volunteer, please let me or any of the committee knows.

1. Predinner:
Got the soft soft classical music playing in background. Put CD enough la. Live wan veli expensive unless got sponsorship.

2. Arrival of Guests:
All male guests must wear the coat with bow-tie wan. Female must wear sexy sexy bare here bare there and show longkang wan.

3. Arrival of VIP:
VIP (at least minister level or awtar awtar also must got Lato wan). When arrive, must accompanied by King's wife (Organising Chair Woman) and the rest of the committee. Walk in time must a bit slow motion like the Chow Yuen Fatt movie and everyone must stand up and clap kuat kuat.

4. Negaraku:
Because got Minister VIP, so all must stand up and sing Negaraku before the real program start. Make sure we have the correct version and don't sing out of tune. Nowadays, if Negaraku sing bengkok a bit oso police can catch.

5. MC Introduction:
Helen will be a good person as MC because her Engrish quite good and she can wear the low-low cut on top, high-high cut on bottom and act the hiao hiao somemore. MC no hiao, who want to see? RIGHT ?

6. Welcome Speech by King's wife:
Her speech must por the lanpah of the VIP, must be serious topic and if want to include a few jokes, the jokes must be clean clean one. Cannot tell the type of Lanjiao Chi-Bye KNNBCCB joke.

7. Multimedia Presentation:
Kang Xian must prepare a multimedia presentation that por the gaoment lanpar. Make sure the show must feature MSC, KLCC, The VIP standing beside PM and DPM, King's wife adn the commiittee all smiling smiling smiling and the slide must be able to fly here fly there wan.

8. VIP Tok Cock
No matter what cock and bull the VIP tok, all must clap kuat kuat. When he tok the joke, funny no funny also all must laugh. (here, we need people like Seng Kor and Desmond Wong to start the laugh when there is a joke because they good in listening to others, otherwise when VIP tok joke and no one laugh VIP say we blogger no humour.)

9. Presentation of Flowers to VIP
King's wife must go up stage after VIP tok cock and Zara's Mama (dress sexy sexy also) will bring out one bunch of flowers pass to King's wife and King's wife will pass it to the VIP and thank him for his wonderful speech. We can expect the VIP to at least shake hand with King's wife but if he is humsap a bit and want to kiss, King's wife can only let him kiss on cheek only no matter how much she like him. Not very nice to do wet wet kiss on stage with VIP cause it will drop the crass of our function.)

10. Performance by 5XMom and her Yeh Sou Choir
This will be the highlight of the nite, just like orgasm like dat. Songs selection all crass crass wan like Frankie Sinata, Celine Dion, P.Ramlee, but must also include por lan pah song like "Jalur Gemilang" and "Malaysia Berjaya". Sometimes during this part of the program, 5XMom must remember to invite the VIP and King's wife to sing together with the Yeh Sou Choir and Ah Pek must go around make sure everyone must clap kuat kuat and cannot go toilet when they sing.

11. Dance (Optional)
If the committee decides to make it more fun, dancing can be included at the end of the night but only can do the crass crass dance like Walz, Tango, Cha cha but please NO DISCO, NO TEKNO, NO DIRTY DANCING and NO FENG-TAO PILL allowed.

So, apa macam ? Can pakai ah ?

24 Condeminations:

Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

Wahlau wei ?

Am i dreaming ? linpeh asking kang xian be involved in the meeting ahh?? ? ( eh wait , linpeh , ur not my father ok :P )

is this gathering for real or what ?

Blogger King's wife condemn:

eh linpeh,
U really crack me up...LOL
See, you make it sound so real that even Kang Xian is confused! hahha...
I really tabek you for being such a good planner, no miss any details.
btw, I don't see your name, what role you play?

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

king's wife - He is the VIP lor. And this VIP prolly ask us to provide him SYT service for the night. NVM, we can ask Laubeh Inc. to arrange this for us. So, jadi siap. Just name the date. LOL.

Blogger Helen condemn:

HA HA HA U r indeed a pro-party planner!!! lol Wei, u missed out the after dinner event held at the penthouse! Orgies and wild sex......

Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

haha damn wei

LinPeh's role on that night is stripper la..
or maybe ask him to squat down on stage will do -.-

Anonymous peanut king condemn:

A word of warning....better make sure chairs are tied together..cos past history shows meeting organised by Lin Peh or members fren have tendency to finish off parties by throwing chairs...around for fun.....haha.

Anonymous simmie condemn: really put a lot of thought into this!

Blogger MahaguruSia condemn:

hehehe..... interesting thoughts

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

i dowan in charge of security. i wan to be the GRO.

Blogger sengkor condemn:

u mean no lucky draw?? do lucky draw la, sure the dinner pau pang one..

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Kang Xian:
U no dreaming la...u SPM young punk sure damn good with all those multimedia wan ma. Gaoment said our students now all very the computer literate so...u must be good. Also, I no do stripping show in public wan and definitely no stripping show for guys ! By the way, I veli sure I not your father cause if I am your father I sure wallop u kao kao for everyday online even during SPM ! LOL !

King's wife:
Of course it's real la ! U mean u suggested the blogger meet as play play only ? KNN effort all gone ? Regarding my la, I don't think Ah Pek and your highness want to allow me go in to such a high crass event.

No la. I no minister and no lato so cannot be VIP. But anyhow, please use your connection with Laubeh Inc. to arrange for SYT for the event. By the way, remember to reserve 2 SYT for Lin Peh. Need 2 nowadays la....HORNY la !

U see..I no choose wrong person as MC wan. So hiao....want orgies and sex.... Lin Peh Like !

Peanut King:
KNN can u bocor my secret online ? want to fight ah ? LOL !

Soli that I for got to include u all in the OC...what function u want ?

Ah Pek:
Whatever Ah Pek say Lin Peh listen! You sure u want be GRO ? (or u want to in charge GRO?) LOL LOL !!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Seng Kor:
Thanks for the good idea.. LUCKY DRAW !!! Who should we give out as the present ? Helen? 5xmom ? King's wife ? LOL !

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Like that also can?
So you just dragged your big back side and attend?

You didn't say pole dancing is banned.. Can my daugther do pole dancing? She just learnt how to walk, when dance that time need to hold on to something, so a pole would be good. If you want, i can let her wear her diaper only.. chun!

Btw, no food one ah? All eat lampah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

zara's mama:
What la u. My earlier reply to King's wife already mention I don't think this type of high crass event allow me in lor. Imagin the following:

During guest arrival: Lin Peh loud loud tok "Ah Seng ah..KNN got see the auntie neh neh ah? So big wan...if she on top and I buttom..the neh neh will swing and wack me like boxing like dat"

During VIP arrival: Lin Peh loud loud tok "Wah Sai...King's wife u ask VIP can give project ah ? or..AP also can!"

During 5xmom choir singing: Lin Peh shout "Ho liao! Ho Liao! you all can sing the Jit Pah Ban ah" ?

So, in conclusion, I think I should bann myself for attending before I go there and sia sui everyone.

About Pole dancing: If your daughter above 18 can la. But she too young la, only pintai fella can become Stim when see her pole dancing in diaper. So...not veli good idea.

Food sure got la. We even have the
Jason fella to in charge but I think he no read my blog so if he no comment yet. Maybe must change people la.

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

food in charge by Jason.. sure habis kaliao..

so you orgnanise what kind of bloggers meet.. own self don't go one..

Aigh.. you must look like Brad Pitt ('s ka-cheng).. scared all the ladies drool over you.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Zara's mama:
So, who do u recommend as the commandor of food ?

My giving idea onli la. Where got organise ? OC is King's wife la. And...u are right, my ka-cheng look like Brad Pitt wan! LOL ! U want see ? ;-)

Blogger Samm condemn:

Wah, i shud thank my lil bebe i dun have to do naked pole dancing, *wipe forehead*

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Sweat leh ? Anyhow, don't worry la. This is crass crass event, no naked pole dancing wan. But Soli la. u pregnant so u will not be invited for the orgy also...(welll....unless drunk already all become kinky)

Blogger King's wife condemn:

put sexy picture of me on your blog, sure plenty orang cum. Ooops! I mean 'come'. LOL.......

Anonymous Jason condemn:


Who says I don't read your blog? Very rare only mah, got drop by one. :P

Food ah, make it pot luck style lah~! More varieties mah~! :P

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

King's wife;
You give me a copy of your sexy pic and let me try it out la. I guarantee u I sure put it on my blog ! Front page somemore !

Screw u la. Where got people do high crass dinner show and do pork-luck la? U really so no crass, lazy or u hope all the chic will eat you lanjiao if we do pork-luck? LOL !

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Helan said got wild sex...mati mati I oso come back malaysia for the grand Dinner.

Blogger wombie condemn:

I want to be in charge of food, can ah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

9394: Remember to bring back some overseas hot chics also for the event.

Simmie: Lin Peh like when people volunteer, of course you can in charge of food ! By the way, I understand you play flute so.....heheheheehe ;-) **wink wink wink**

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