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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chi-Bye King's Wife Taged Me !

Sunday morning 7 morning 8 morning, Lin Peh eye still blurr blurr and was looking for some neh neh picture to start my day but found out this King Wife's silai tag me ! At first, Lin Peh siok cause Lin Peh thought "Tag" is shortform for Tackle but after reading it, Lin Peh no stim liao la because this "Tag" thing is so complicated just like those direct selling networking, must list 4 people before Lin Peh and must recommend 3 people etc etc etc... KNN chi-bye leh! Anyway, after spending long long time Lin Peh baru tahu King's wife just want to know Lin Peh eat what shit when Lin Peh small small baby time! Aiya....want to tackle just say so la, no need paiseh paiseh go round about pusing pusing like dat wan la.

Anyway, here's what Lin Peh eat when small small time:

1. Breast Milk
Still my favourite until today !

2. Cow Milk
Unlike the breast milk, this one cannot drink direct. Must drink from the bottle with fake nipple. The fake nipple is so fake even baby can tell it's fake! That's why people use it to feed cow milk, make the baby stupid like cow so cannot tell the difference lor! Anyway, this cow milk made Lin Peh brain like cow only. "Score" all F in exam. Chi-bye leh!

3. Dumex
This one is the powder punya milk. The advertisement said "Bring Out The Genius" and it's veli true because the Genuis already "OUT" and no longer in me after drinking.

4. Nespray
This Nespray the name also very condemn wan but very true. it sounds like Let's Pray, meaning after I drink my mommy has to pray hard hard that I don't lao-sai. Anyway, the advertisement very good and it says "Kids go further with NESPRAY"! Yeah right ! No wonder nowadays got so many runaway kids !

5. Susu Cap Junjung
This one Lin Peh also dunno what milk. I think it's lots and lots of sugar with little bit milk (the taokeh soh probably cup A only that's why not much milk in this brand). Soli...this one no pic. Post Cup A pic for fuck ah?

OK. Since I need to follow the rules of Tag, the 4 chi-bye before me were:
1. Sngl Guy
2. Yvy
3. Helen
4. King's Wife

and...and the 3 I want to tag are:

1. Kang Xian
This one good boy, must see what he ate when baby time

2. simmie lang?
This one volunteer to in charge food at Blogger's Meet. Must be good with food. She somemore said her ambition is to become chef but she ended up teaching Ang More how to blow the flute. Lin Peh like chic who is good in blowing flute wan ! MUST SEE, MUST KNOW !

3. Loc Kee Trading
This one is very cool blogger. Since he want to be invited to Blogger's meet, must see what he eat baru we can have better idea of what cool blogger eat and make our event really crass !

Ok la. That's all !

10 Condeminations:

Blogger King's wife condemn:

OI!!! why everything also milk one??? cos associated with something? No wonder you so hamsap lah....

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

King's wife:
Small small time baby no drink milk drink your chi-bye pussy juice meh ? LOL !

Blogger mr frust condemn:

Kan nah sai ... drink chi-bye pussy juice oso can ah?

Blogger Samm condemn:

i'm beginning to think twice whether want to invite lin peh to my baby's fullmoon party onot. afturds he come grabbing my breast from my bb.

Blogger Loc Kee condemn:

KNN so papai punya huh, wanto go party oso need to write something ya?

haha so who will be providing pussy juice during the party ?????? :p

Blogger Helen condemn:

Wei, no solid food ar?? Everything also milk... too bad you are not female... if not, sure got great future in the profession of nai-mar. (nanny) Wow, with good foundation, this nanny's supply would never go dry one!! lol

BTW, when are u going to blog about your brush with fame on the idiot box?? Come lar... tell us how u overcome lala mui!!

Blogger sengkor condemn:

Why no order fresh cow milk from Indians that do home delivery?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Mr frust: Just an expression onli la . LOL !

samm: u are exactly right ! I Will sure do that if u invite me for the full moon party ;-)

loc kee: High crass party with high crass people. BY INVITATION ONLY ma...;-)

Helen: The one so long ago, cannot recall much la. Maybe one of these days when my mind is working and can recall I will blog lor.

seng kor: those days I guess mommy and daddy didn't order those delivery cause no money to pay delivery charges kua ;-) or no such service at my kampong. But nowadays, I heard got china gal do fresh breast milk deliver to you. want ah ? LOL !

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Tsk tsk tsk.. all the time think of nenen, susu only..

Beh kuai lu aneh humsup!

Anonymous simmie condemn:

yalor...why all susu wan!!! hamsup hamsup!

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