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Thursday, March 02, 2006

2 March 2006

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Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

waa..... this one very susah neh.
dpm say all the cucumber imported from mars one. transport by train and trishaw to many people who after eating turn into a cow.

Tadaaaa!!! i very the terror one neh.

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

pic 1: Najib's sly we can rescue MAS oreadi.

pic 2: you blardy retailers better not anyhow increase price although...

pic3: ...price of fuel has sky-rocketed!

pic4: Take LRT lah...even that MCA barger OKT also took 5 times oreadi, you farkers cannot take meh?

pic 5:When you got emergency like having to send your kid to hospital, walk! Its faster than getting caught in the KL jam.

pic6: We will be spending x billions to improve our public transportation.

pic 7: Consider alternate transport which is environmentally friendly.

Blogger may condemn:

najib, minister of vegetables. part-time astronaut. doesn't do anyting to improve traffic conditions, we might as well walk. trishaws are meant for cows.

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Cabinet ministers tell you to take more vegetables becos bolehland is sending a scientist/astronaut to space. The gaomen has spent all the money on this space program and hence have no more money to tackle the public transport problems. Oso fuel price has increased by 30 sen so better cycle la to work. Better still rear a cow in your backyard so you can have the cow milk, meat and better still use the cowshit to grow more greens.

Blogger PinPin 彬彬 condemn:

So you are gonna blog in pictures now and let the readers to write the blog for you in the comment box? Cool.

Anonymous Sooi2 condemn:

i look up look down, onli understand Lin Peh use the lang-chia (trishaw) to represent meaning the lanchiao like gu?? kesimpulannya, najib eh lanchiao is like gu becaz for all the reasons in between??? LOL

Anonymous fuolornis condemn:

Najib DPM, say shop taukeh increase price of vege as fuel price rocket up.

bus all traffic jam cos ppl take bus to work, some walk to central market with baby.

beca fella go pick up cow?

Blogger Helen condemn:

Stop depending on petrol.
Everything skyrocketted so, use public transport and your feet. Find alternative power. (Rely more on ppl or animal power. )

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Ceh Goo Chia

Blogger cockroach condemn:

a wise man ( because got alot white hair) think we should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, burn off excess calories(rocket conbustion), stay away from pollution (puduraya) and exercise reqularly (like walking)to stay strong, healthy and productive till old age (like the trishaw man).

for dummies who still cannot comprehend!

put it simply - like a cow you need to feed on grass to stay healthy and produce lots of milk. we know what to do with the milk

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

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Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Cows are bad. Cows eat grass and fart methane gas, thinning the ozone layer.

Anonymous LP condemn:

Najib, yam yam smile and tell the public pretty soon all those produce price will go up high like the rocket too. When the gas price go high you ppl can berjalan-jalan and use those hybrid beca but when the produce price go ppl need to work like a cow and eat like a cow...

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Rear cows la. Use the cowshit to produce biological gases to run your cars.

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