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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lin Peh looking for a Job !

Many peeples asked Lin Peh why nowadays seldom condemn liao. So, Lin Peh think it's better to tiao all the readers the reason before you all fuck Lin Peh until sperm also cum out from nose !

The reason is Lin Peh has recently been hit very hard by the increase of oil prices and thus no mood already. Of course Lin Peh can follow the advice of the gaoment by changing the lifestyle but screw you la, what's the point of living if Lin Peh have to cut down on piao mei expenditures and use the money to pay toll? or worst still, sell my mar-si-li and use the money to take bus! Lin Peh may be crazy but certainly not stupid ! OK ? Anyway, like the chinese peeple said "When the horse die, get down and walk la!" therefore Lin Peh is currently busy seeking for a part-time job to subsidies Lin Peh mia lifestyle.

After going thro all the job hunting websites and the classified ads on our newspapers, Lin Peh realized that all the taokehs who advertised are either looking for slaves or fucking genius, which both also Lin Peh not qualify! Seriously, Lin Peh think the gaoment should also send the taokehs to those classes attended by the "unempployed" graduates. So, the employer and the employee can strike some deals while they are attending the same class. Like dat, gaoment can save the money of organising those job hunting fair lor ! Good idea leh ?

Anyway, as Lin Peh was crusing on the net today, Lin Peh found one very good job that is very suitable for Lin Peh:

Condom Tester

If any of you can get me this job, please let Lin Peh know ! Lin Peh willing to give you the first month salary as commission !

Hope to hear from you soon ! ;-)

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22 Condeminations:

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Lin Peh ka lu kong.....I called up th ecompany and check ledi.
They said your kkc too short wor. So not qualified. LOL

Blogger Samm condemn:

Cocka, when did u see linpeh's kkc? But Jap brand wohhhhh, i'm sure they can work something out.

Linpeh, dun give up yet. I'm sure you'll get the job wannnnnn, haahahahah

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Wei, you get the condom but they got say give you piao mei to test out anot? What if they give you goat's backside as testing tunnel wor? You wan anot?

Cocka - So where did you adjourn with linpeh that nite? Lorong Abu Talib (or wateva that lorong name in KL)

Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

yea lorr, what if u gotta test on "not humans"?

Blogger may condemn:

haiya, sell dvd better lah.

Blogger King's wife condemn:

wei, u think u are the only one who wants this job ar?
I am sure Cock and Wingz also apply liao!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

hahahaha oi they asked me to ask u how many condoms u can test in a day la?

Blogger Kenny Lee condemn:

hey, give everybody the number and get some great fuck...wuahahaha

Blogger cyber-red condemn:

dream la u LOL

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

Make sure you can tahan eh!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

I checked it out and the test is a written test. But the good news is you get the nite points anyway.

Blogger wombie condemn:

How many condoms they need tested? Must be a lot wor. Probably the next time we see lin peh at gathering, he'll have to walk with a crutch and drained of his life force.

Blogger Kah Wee condemn:

lin peh become condom tester? So ur kkc must keng enough to test leh...

Anonymous Sooi2 condemn:

wah linpeh, i think ur resume for this job must be damn long! first job experience start 12y.o in tasik titiwanngsa, most recent experience last night in midvalley toilet.

oh, welcome linpeh back to all the kondom...oops, i mean kondem!

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Broken back mountain

Blogger sengkor condemn:

linpeh, u sure they got produce XS size ah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Cocka Doodle:
kkc smal can stuff some sponge inside mah ;-)

Tank Q for the sappot !

5xmom/Siao Cha Bor:
If they tested on goat's backside meaning you have been sharing it with goat all these years ? LOL!

Still waiting for your yamade dvd la ;-)

King's wife:
Don't worry la. Lin Peh sure they will put Cocka and Wingz in different dept cause the 2 jokers will test for the broken mountian wan.

Can test many per day la ;-)

Kenny Lee:
Will do that when Lin Peh can locate them !

Dreaming la.....LOL!

Sure can tahan. Don't worry ;-)

Simple American:
Written test ? Tiu !

You sure that's the consequence ? Your bf walk liddat wan ah ? LOL!

Kah Wee:
My kkc ok la. boleh tahan la.....(paiseh) ;-)

KNN! Who are u ? How cum you know where and when Lin Peh yamade wan ? :-(

Broke your backside la! LOL!

seng kor:
You got problem looking for XS size wan ah ? LOL!

Anonymous Sooi2 condemn:

haih, im HR manager in crown condom maaa.....but ur application rejected coz u din attach a recent picture of ur kkc. LOL

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Samm.... I oreadi working at this company. So when I interviewed Lin Peh that time got see his kkc. The interview committee stamped "REJECT" on his application. LOL

5xmom....where is that lorong ah? How come you know so well? ATM use to go there ah?

KW....wingz also working here. He supplies acid cleansing chemical to clean all the kkc before using them as mould. LOL

Seng Kor....sorry this company don't make toothpick size. Go look elsewhere. LOL

Blogger Helen condemn:

MUAHRAHARHAR..wat happened to your lucrative DVD business?? lol

BTW, are u going to let ppl laugh at you like that??? C'mon lar.... prove them wrong!! Come, post your KKC and make them jam char pui chor!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh, everyday cum here, no new condem....rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Yours lovingly,
Piao Ker

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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