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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Think Twice before Posting Your Pic

After many months of thinking and thinking, finally decided to post a hemsem pic of Lin Peh on the blog. However, just before Lin Peh click the "post" bottom, Lin Peh received a warning on posting own pic on the blog. You see ?



p.s. soli Lin Peh dunno who is the original "artist" of these pics. If you are, please claim your credit here and Lin Peh will have plenty of projecks for you to do ! ;-)

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20 Condeminations:

Blogger Otto condemn:

OMG! You are so cute as Shrek!!! Your eyes are as gentle as his. Sweet.

Anonymous chloe condemn:

LOL! love the batman version.

Blogger wombie condemn:

I thought the doraemon pic was funny!

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Wuah, Lin Peh sooooo hensemmmmmmm. What your mader feed you so chubby?

Blogger wani condemn:

pls2 tell me who did those pics. i really gotta have one of those. my dream pic? me marrying orlando bloom on a beach.

Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

is dat realli u?

Anonymous elaine condemn:

WOW, You are so cute and adorable !!

Blogger She's Jess condemn:

That's so creative

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

I've seen this on someone's blog but can't remember whose. Actually there are more pics on this fei chai.

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

hahaha!!! niamah, lin peh, u eat full aredi no cock to play ah?

Blogger me condemn:

kakakakakakakaka. damn good lah, this one. if you know who did those pics, can you ask them to photoshop my big ass too? i want my profile to be romantisizing (english ah, this word?) with e.t. can ah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

You like huh ? Lin Peh also like;-)

Drink nen nen lor ! LOL!

Lin Peh will tell you when the original creator sue 9 Lin Peh in court ! LOL!

Siao Cha Bor/elaine:
No la...not Lin Peh la. Lin Peh lagi more cuter ! LOL!

She's Jess:
Yeah lor, veli creative but too bad not Lin Peh mia original creation.

Cocka Doodle:
Please send to Lin Peh if you have others like how Lin Peh send you the Tammy video ;-)

Ah Pek:
Play own cock saja. Other cock Lin Peh not interested ;-)

What the fuck is romantisizing?

Blogger JoMel condemn:

die loh. I got so many pics of me posted!

Anonymous fuolornis condemn:

wah lin peh, the 8th pic your wife ar? hot hot ar! but why dresses up as women also?

Blogger Helen condemn:

Excellent pic editing skills! I second you... I would like to find the person and call him/her sifu! lol

Cocka - If I'm not wrong, the boy first appeared in TV Smith's blog (story about the falling bridge) and then Kenny Sia.

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

diew niansing u put me on god table ar, nvm i will take ur picture than i would do photoshop on you..make u king Kong..Yip Chee mei Big Ball

Blogger mr frust condemn:

LOL .... damn good!

Blogger me condemn:

you men ah! all like that. ask you to romanticize us, you just want to fark us. what lah? romanticize does not equal to fark lah please. it's there in the dictionary mah, look up for yourself......ok, maybe i should have spelt it 'romanticising' but you must 'size' the guy up before can romance mah, so romantisizing lah. karkarkar.

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

The pics are from TV Smith ...

Blogger Arth condemn:

Wicked photo editing.LOL!

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