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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fehmes Blogger do Nasional Service !

Yesterday Tan Sri Wingz ask Lin Peh whether got read the singapore's StarBlogs because he said got many leng looi and leng chai bloggers there.

I went and check it out and wah lao eh, it seems like these 7 young punks kena do national service liddat ! What happen is that these 7 so-called STAR BLOGGERS will write their opinion on a given topic evey monday on the Straits Times blog site and they are given topics like:

  • Public trust in charities

  • The brave new (media) world

  • Singapore - A fine city without social graces.

    Niama ! these topics are political screwed up that their gaoment has done and the 7 punks were asked to save the gaoment face by writing something good about it. Diu lor !

    In addition, every wednesday evening these 7 punks have to go online and kena fuck backside by their readers !

    After I see that, Lin Peh laughed and told Wingz that he should be happy that he is not a Singaporean. Imagin the kind of stress that he has to go thru every week when he has to turn something bad about the gaoment into something good and if that is not enough, he has to sit in front of his computer screen every week and tell peeples that the backside fucking that he is getting is indeed orgasmic! Fu Latt lor !

    So, Lin Peh ask Wingz whether he got read the Star Blog ? His answer was he only click there to look at the Lady Star Bloggers pics and Ta Fei Kei! Lin Peh say liddat might as well go see the playboy or penthouse site cause there got show the big nen nen somemore! LOL!

    Anyway, if you look at it from another angle, getting called by the national service is also not so bad cause the major newspaper will give you a name STAR BLOGGERS (STAR wor...damn solid name) plus free publicity ! If you are lucky, maybe they will even let you go world tour like Andy Lau liddat but when come back home make sure you tell peeples that all the other countries all sucks la. LOL!

    But actually the Singapore gaoment also damn pitiful la. Their young peeples all go vote the opposition during their recent general erection. So, the gaoment got no choice but to find way to win back their young peeples thrust. That's why they trying to win back all these young peeples vote thru the Star Blog projeck.

    Well, if this method works, Lin Peh afraid our boleh gaoment will be doing the similar thing before the next general erection and Wingz better clean his backside if that is true. But luckily, our gaoment is currently very busy. Busy deciding which documents to declassfied, how to justify the RM490 mil on the Sports Complex, and wondering why Siti decide to get marry ;-)

  • 14 Condeminations:

    Blogger LP condemn:

    You can be the Star too, just write to THE STAR, if your article kena publish, then you are The Star writer lar.

    Blogger titoki condemn:

    Lucky that you are not included in their STAR list. Or else, the so called STARBLOG will 'chap lap'. LOL.

    Blogger Wingz condemn:

    i lafu nehsehnal serbis!!!

    Blogger AceOne condemn:'re too old to do national servis liao.!!

    Blogger ah nel condemn:

    nasialnal sarbis for gabanment...muahaha...sinkapork...

    Blogger Simple American condemn:

    You get better job. Yamade instructor for Cocka's school.

    Blogger angel condemn:

    Who do you think would be called to be Maraysian's Star Brog?

    Blogger wombie condemn:

    do they get paid?

    Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

    DAP is losing silai's votes too because lim kiat siang is not handsome enough. perhaps linpeh can help to tarik silai's vote for him. go and ask lim kiat siang if he is interested in your service la.

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Lin Peh write to STAR sure they throw inside dustbine wan la ! :-(

    Wao Lao Eh ! Day time also can see ghost ! See who is toking about 'chap lap'. LOL!

    Wait till u kena nehsehnal serbis baru u tahu! ;-)

    Niasing ! Lin Peh still young la !

    ah nel:
    sinkapork? LOL!

    Simple American:
    Yamade instructor kenot do full time la. KKC will drop la ! hahaha !

    Maraysian's Star Brog? U la ! siapa lagi ? ;-)

    Get paid for national serbis ? Maybe get laid la ! LOL!

    Aiyooo...Lin Peh no kontak with Mr Loket la. If you know him, u intro la ;-)

    Blogger flaminglambo condemn:

    That site is a source of good entertainment. That Xiaxue gal cracks me with her so called 'insights'. Then I look at her and it cracks me up even more.

    If Malaysia gets their own version star bloggers, it would be a full blown comedy la. World record for the number of people crammed into a mini, half built bridge, a monopoly that loses money, etc. The bloggers will be trying to keep the issues serious instead of keeping the readers laughing.

    Blogger King's wife condemn:

    looks like you have to clean your backside very soon also. You n wingz together-gether!

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    So, you saying Rojak Blog is actually the offisial Maraysia Star Blog ?

    King's wife:
    No worry. Lin Peh not fehmes enuf. You more fehmeser ! ;-)

    Blogger flaminglambo condemn:

    LOL! YEAH!!! 3 cheers for Rojak blog.

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