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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to choose a baby's sex ?

The use of genetic testing to choose a baby's sex will be banned in Malaysia because the gaoment don't wan us to play god. However, Lin Peh has decided to reveal the secret in this "sex choosing technology" here. As usual, it's FREE OF CHARGE!

To Get Baby Gal
If you wan to get a baby gal, please do the woman-on-top pattern, examples are as follows:

To Get Baby Boy
If you wan to get a baby boy, please do the man-on-top pattern, examples are as follows:

Be careful when you try the following patterns because you may get puppies:

20 Condeminations:

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

You jahat ah... now, 4-star phono!!!!

Blogger titoki condemn:

So how many girls, boys or dogs do you have?

Blogger Helen condemn:

HAHAHAAHA *laughing at Titoki's comment**

Good one!! errr, how about pondans??

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Linpeh kah lu kong.....what about sideways?? wheelbarrow?? helicopter styles??

Blogger Wuching condemn:

all positions r good! doesn't matter what u end up having..puppy or baby!

Blogger Kah Wee condemn:

lin peh... what is the rate of accuracy leh..

Blogger wombie condemn:

wat if do other positions like cocka mentioned? Then wat? Dun tell me kambing, lembu, kokokai with misai oso come out?

eh, the couple in the pics kinda look like those two characters from Will and Grace

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

got money gerenti back ah if not stafisfied with the resulth?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Maverick SM:
Niasing, you go and tell flickr ah ? Got warning email from them about posting "sum cup" photo :-(

Got one dog call lucky, one gal call titoki, one boy call niamapuki ;-)

Helen/Cocka Doodle/simmie:
Pondan when u do all the cocka recommnded sideway, wheelbarrow, helicopter styles la ! Tiu! LOL!

You are damn right ! LOL!

Kah Wee:
Rate of accuracy is 96.7%

Will and Grace? Siapa itu ? Lin Peh only know Tom and Jerry ;-)

FOC how to money gerenti back ?LOL!

Anonymous 9393 condemn:

Cocka, Helicopter needs alot of traning la, must have strong waist strength.This style I always fail

Blogger See Fei condemn:

10Q 10Q for the advice!! anyway can get a demo on this website?

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

hahaaa... what a post, you really made my day!!

Anonymous ah pek condemn:

lanchau lah! i screw man on top for 20 years oso get daughters oni.

Blogger dreamie condemn:

wow educational stuffs here ..
how to get twins ar?

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

about the last the last 3 piktures.
do you means you get a puppies is means you get the twins? triplet twins? or more?

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Have to be careful. If you don't have puppy, you might get poopie. haha

Blogger angel condemn:

Linpeh linpeh...if donwan baby leh? which position is bestest? :P

DYK that I saw someone who looks like you a few wks ago @ IOI Mall? Or was that memang YOU??

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

What about oral?

Blogger CrazyGrr| condemn:

in addition to dreamie's comment.. if wan that twins to b 1 boy 1 girl leh.. how??

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Please discuss your sex life with cocka privately ;-) LOL!

See Fei:
Demo will be done if you volunteer to act in it ;-)

I know you love this post cost got all the tiu tiu positions for you to do your tiuniasing research ;-)

ah pek:
You may be screwing with man on top all these while but you sure your dick was poiting to the correct position ? LOL!

Finally somone realized that this is educational stuffs ;-)

To get twins ar you do 3some la ! LOL!

Wat the fuck you toking la ? Lin Peh no comprehendo leh :-(

Simple American:
You are right ! sounds sexpereinced !

KNN! Oral won't get baby la ! IF no belif, you 2 can try it out ! LOL!

To get twins to b 1 boy 1 girl leh you do the 1 man 2 women 3some lor !

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