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Thursday, June 15, 2006

LP Looking for Hubby - Part 2

Diu ! After showing to all of you dat LP can make Fruitballs, there is still no one interested to kao her (Misai Cocka not counted..Disqualified!).

So, Lin Peh is giving her a second chance to show her "quality". This time, LP is going to teach you how to make Chocolate Dip mia Strawberries.

Here it goes:

1) Ingridents: Chocolate Chip and fresh strawberries

2) Melt the chocolate chips in double boiler.

3) When the chocolate is melted add in a little oil.

4) Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate.

5) When done, put the strawberries in the fridge to chill.

6) Meanwhile lay down roses on a serving plate. (remember to use fresh roses or flowers)

7) When the strawberries are chilled, put them on the serving plate.

8) If you don't like roses or flower, just serve the starwberries on a tray

So, please lah....someone please show some interest in her before she gets desparado and want Lin Peh to post her naked pictures here ! Lin Peh dun wan dat to happen cause that will turn Lin Peh mia blog into a yamade blog (is this something new?). LOL!

22 Condeminations:

Blogger titoki condemn:


You should also show and teach us how to savour it 'lup' by 'lup'!!! *wink wink* ;)

And EeeewwwwwWWW Lin Peh, I just noticed that your fingernail is so long and yucky!!! No wonder your strawberries chocolate dip so 'tasty' laa!!!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Yum strawberries!

You still have not taught me the secret location of the yamade links. kekeke

Blogger wombie condemn:

I will endorse LP's chocolate covered strawberries. This woman can cook! Don't play play!!

Anonymous LP condemn:

Am I being lelong here? Lin Peh like that punya advertisement, all guys pun cabut lar :(

Blogger me condemn:

i would have guessed that lin peh's blog would be the last on the blogosphere to turn into a food blog. charn hai tit ngan keng.

next, coming up, how to make yamade-design cakes?

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

You married her la.. and save all the trouble!

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Yi Lai... =.="

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

strawberry olny meh? can use pisang ar there begin to ripe la....

Anonymous TUX condemn:

LinPeh...I am waiting for the naked post leh...don't make us wait too long ah!!!

Anonymous ah pek condemn:

if i dun like strawberries, lychees can onot?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lup by lup u can do it better la ! LOL! By the way...TIU ! itu fingernails is LP punya la !

Simple American:
Yamade links ? hahahahah ! wait la.

Glad u speak up on LP behalf and promote sikit here. Or else peeple may tink Lin Peh making the whole story up.

LP said:
This advert not nice ? Next time u bikin sendiri la !

yamade-design cakes? LOL! maybe ;-)

Zara's Mama
I want marry her but she dunwan wor ! she said Lin Peh too humsap and pok kai ! she need someone rich !!!!!!!!!

Yi niama hai! LOL!

pisang goreng:
Whose pisang ? LOL!

naked post of LP ? Hmmmmm.....errrrrrrrr.....

ah pek:
Lychee can or not ah ? Lin Peh suggest LP or Titoki answer the question ;-)

Blogger wombie condemn:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger wombie condemn:

lin peh: if LP dipped herself in chocolate and show us pic....I'm sure more guys will respond ....hahahah

LP: I think you should change your nick lah. I wouldn't be surprised if people confused you with LB or lin peh...Anyway, I made tiramisu for you and the gang....I'll call you....either I pass it to you before I leave for MSP or Saturday morning

Blogger candygan condemn:

wahhhh.... yummy lor...can make 1 for me ar ??? ;p

Anonymous LP condemn:

simmie, that might be a good suggestion to change my nick.

Lin Peh, simmie also a good cook lar. BTW, I now fire you as my Looking for Hubby Campaign manager. You did a s** job lar.

Blogger angel condemn:

lin peh, what about sengkor? can gib him a wife as a birday pressie maa... no?

i very curious why u donwan LP leh... sure got catch wan...

Blogger sotongking condemn:

Banana dip chocolate-hot chocolate somemore.
Pisang, ur banana must be veli geng to witstand tat kind of torture. LOLx.

BTw, LP wud really looks delicious if dip into chocolate but i think dip into honey wud somehow more sensuous.

Anonymous LP condemn:

Hmmm..may be should go to try the chocolate spa..

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn: are not being lelong here.
Don't worry, if no mah lat loe want you, I cocka doodle sure sapu wan!.

My heart day-day hanging you....LOL
(Ngor sum yat yat kuah chee ley)

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

sure can eat or not?

Blogger sotongking condemn:

Wuah, Cocka u got big appetite hor...

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Woah... looked yummy. I bet the chef is as yummy... haha

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