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Friday, July 21, 2006

Solved Mystery: Why Wingz No Kiu Kai

Saw Tan Sri Wingz at Messenger yesterday so Lin Peh decided to find out more about his recent Thai Cock trip.

Lin Peh:
Woi Tan Sli! Cum back ledi ah ? Apa macam ?

Latok! Ok la. Spent so much money now bisi working lor.

Lin Peh:
So, how was Thai Cock ? Everyone said you go there kiu kai until dunwan cumback liddat wor...true or not ?

No la. I good boy la. I no kiu kai wan. I go there shoot gun only. You no see my post meh ?

Lin Peh:
Shoot lanjiao la ! You tink Lin Peh 3 years old kah ?

Serious wan la. Actually, long time ago I got go kiu kai one time but very bad experience that's why I dare not go anymore.

Lin Peh:
So bad ah ? The Kai rape 9 You ah ? hahahah !

Diu you la! Actually it happened during my birthday many years back when I was still a virgin and my friend Cocka decided to gimme a treat and took me go kiu kai.

Lin Peh:
Wah! You got such a nice friend, you untong lor! So, what went wrong?

You see, I was still virgin and didn't really know how to do it wan. So, I ask cocka and he told me "very easy wan, if you feel shy, you just off all the lights and use your hand to feel her body....until you find one hole that is surrounded by hairy take out your dick and push it in la. Simple"

Lin Peh:
Wah! no wonder he is now the Dean of the Lin-Cocka-Wingz University College Of Creative Yamade. So, did it help ? Was it good ?

Well, to celebrate my birthday, Cocka took me go drinking first before the action.
So, after all the drinking, Cocka called the Mamasan to arrange for a Kai to wait for me in the room and then he went to his own room without giving any warning.

Lin Peh:
Then ?

Then......I went to the room lor. The room already dark dark...but mana tahu....I salah masuk Cocka's room. End of Story!

Lin Peh:

Ladies and Genitlemen, to understand what happen, here is the picture of cocka:

Since then, Wingz decided no more kiu kai and Cocka decided to keep his mustache forever. They both live happily ever after.

31 Condeminations:

Anonymous LP condemn:

You know why wingz didn't finish his story? Cocka got sausage for supper that night.....

Blogger angel condemn:


Liuliu lohh...

No wonder cocka always look so hepi with wingz around.

Blogger Wingz condemn:

chewcheepett!!!! why u go and tell!!!!

Blogger Shireen K condemn:

ohh............ no wonder ler..... no wonder when i call wingz f*ckee he angry ler...

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Now we know. Haha :))

Blogger sengkor condemn:

i think cocka purposely swap room one. kesian wingz jadi his victim..

Blogger frostier condemn:

si beh kao lat

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Wah.. both also song kah liao liao..

You leh? What was your experiance pulak? Tell la.

Blogger Wuching condemn:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! u had me ROFLMAO! cocka oh i know..

Blogger Simple American condemn:

First lesson of the whore house.

Never enter a dark room.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Ohhh, no wonder wingz likes cocka's mustache so much la. See cocka mustache wingz always lick lick liddat! Now I know ler.

Blogger mirror condemn:

now i know y guys like to have moustache. maybe they had the same experience...

Blogger ah nel condemn:

if cocka shave off his mustache hwne wingz saw him oso no stim liaw...phek pan(white board) lol

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ah ah ha ah aha ha ah ah ah ha ha ah ah ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ah ah ha ah aha ha ah ah ah ha ha ah ah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ah ah ha ah aha ha ah ah ah ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ah ah ha ah aha ha ah ah ah ha ha ah ah ha ha ah ah ha ha ha

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Cocka got sausage for supper that night? Ooooo....really ah ? LOL!

Wingz told me he oso hepi when see you. Why leh ? ;-)

Lanjiao ! U no tell me not to tell oso ?!!!! :-(

Shireen K:
So...dun call him fuckee anymore. He is Fucker, not fuckeee ! LOL!

Aren't you glad Lin Peh got tell ? LOL!

Seems like you know Cocka well. He got say want to blanja you go kiu kai oso ? ;-)

Ho liao leh ? ;-)

Zara's Mama:
They song or no song you have to ask them :-)

Lin Peh experiance ? You read more often Lin Peh blog you will find out wan. Will tell piece by piece like installment liddat ;-)

Simple American:
Never enter a dark room (epecially cocka is around). LOL!

You can try to keep mustache and see whether Wingz got lick lick liddat also! HAHAHAH !

ah nel:
Holicow! You cum from Fork-Kin Unibersiti aoso ? phek pan(white board)? HAHAHHA !

pisang goreng:
Wei...stop lafing la. We toking serious issue here ! LOL!

Blogger Samm condemn:

Hahahha, so "COCKA" turned out to be the "KAI".... WUSOU KAI sommore, hahahahahahahahahaha

Blogger ah nel condemn:

no lar...i graduet from Farktuk-K Umiangsitinohailizard...ur farkner must phek

Blogger plink condemn:

Aiyo jialat! Cocka also senyap-senyap... is there truth to the story?!

Blogger Kiki the rambling traveller condemn:

Wah! LinPeh! This is how bad rumours start ok. Play-play now , nanti all over maraysia thinks Wingz terlost his virginity to Cocka's 'trap' is not a good thing, know.

Blogger dreamie condemn:

hahaaa... ah wingz kena short changed liao, banyak rugi lorr

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Niamah Fulat, Linpeh!
After I tell ppl how I raped you and you couldn't walk for a week, then you started enjoying it etc baru you tahu. Waakakaka!!!

Blogger King's wife condemn:

You leh? I am surprised you didnt join in...

Blogger LP condemn:

wah cocka..
Now I finally get it, lin peh you must be the "missing" guy that they looking for, no wander when I fwd you the article from China Press the other diam-diam.. here is the link if anyone interested to read the article:

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

macam macam ah.......

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Ahh... good stuff to kick off my dull Monday...

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:


Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

WUSOU KAI better than park chum kai ? LOL!

ah nel:
Farktuk-K Umiangsitinohailizard? High crass skool wor ! LOL!

When did Lin Peh ever blaff u ? LOL!

This is not rumour la ! LOL!

banyak rugi? I tink he untong la ! HAHAHAH!

Cocka Doodle:
KNN! You fantasis rape Lin Peh kah ? I guess now we can confirm you swap room on purpose to trick kao itu Wingz ! HAHAHAH !

King's wife:
What so surprise about Lin Peh didnt join ? As usual, I was home Ta Fei Kei ! LOL!

Itu link mia news very xxx la ! LOL!

Maverick SM:
macam macam pun ada...nice bo ? :-)

You need sumting liddis tuesday oso ? hahahah!

Lil Patchee:
U understand the story oso ah ? LOL!

Blogger titoki condemn:

Hey Wingz, Cocka can suX good or not?! ROTFLOL!!!

And Lin Peh you so chin kak. ;p

Blogger sotongking condemn:

Cocka tasted wingz punya kkc...hahaha...

Blogger plink condemn:

Habislar like this: wingz cannot deny also.

Now how ah? TanSli mya saham jatuh/naik/io karch'ng?

Anonymous Hijackqueen condemn:

Wah kakakaaa... Cocka thought it's a lolipop issit.

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