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Friday, January 26, 2007

Be a Netsponsible Blogger !


Last call for you to Sing Song for Chinese New Year.

By now, Lin Peh sure all of you are aware and concern about the case of our fellow Malaysian bloggers Rocky Bru & Jeff Ooi kena sued by NSTP. Some bloggers so tulan until they group together and called themselves Manchester Bloggers United to voice their concern ! Even the Prime Minister also show his concern and said "Bloggers must be responsible for what they write on the Internet as there are laws on defamation and sedition"

So, today Lin Peh will do my part as a netsponsible blogger by giving you all the tips on how NOT TO get yourself in trouble !

Tip No 1: Don't Lie!
Just like in real life, you are not allow to tell lie in your blog. So, you better make fucking sure that everything you write is true one. For example, if you want to say that Cocka punya kkc is damn small, make sure you verify and confirm that it is actually very small ! If not, cocka can sue you wan ! On the other hand, if Cocka actually sue you, please ask him to produce his IC and verify that his name is Cocka! If he can't do so, you may sue him back for lying about his name! HAHAHA!

Tip No 2: Don't Say You Don't Like Me
This is very straight forward! Just like in real life, if you don't like someone, don't say it in front of him, SAY IT BEHIND HIM! TELL THE WHOLE WORLD BUT NOT HIM! HAHAHA! For example, let's say if you don't like Rojak, don't say it at your own blog, you can go say it at Aceone punya condemn box ! Like that many people will know except Rojak because he told Lin Peh he never read Aceone's sorhai turtle blog! HAHAHA!

Tip No 3: Don't Say Whatever Produck is No Good
For those of you who like to review produck in your blog, you are only allow to say good thing about it. Don't ever say the bad things ! Cause all the big big corporation usually employ a lot of lawyers. All these lawyers job is to sit in front of computer and look for someone to sue. (Of course, most of the time they just pretend that they are working by surfing all the porn site and TFK!) So, when you say their produck no good, you may be sued until your pants also drop !

However, according to Rule No 1, you should not lie! So, if their produck is damn fucking screwed, you just keep quiet. Your smart readers will know what you mean. For example, when you review the performance of Proton Tiara, you just put a pic like this:

and then you keep quiet......

Tip No 4: Don't Say Gaoment is No Good
When you want to condemn the gaoment, make sure you word your condemn carefully. Some peeple really look for trouble by condeming the gaoment with words such as STUPID, CORRUPTED, ARROGANT, FUCKED UP, MENTALLY RETARDED! My friends...if you use those words, you are really asking for it! Even god cannot help you la ! So, Lin Peh repeat, please DO NOT SAY that the Gaoment is STUPID, gaoments officers CORRUPTED, cabinet ministers ARROGANT, education system FUCKED UP, voters MENTALLY RETARDED! Understand ?

Tip No 5: Always Pull Other Peeples Into The Water
Use "Quote" in your posting just like in real life! If you want to say something controversial, you don't want to be known as the original fella. Always say "according to so and so...whetever...". For example: According to Lim Kit Siang, Malaysia Goament is Half Pass Six! Like that if gaoment want to catch also they go after Lim Kit Siang instead of you! HAHAHAH!

That's the tips on Safe Blogging for now! You too can be a netsponsible bloggers if you follow them. No one will come sue you! HAHAHA!

Happy Blogging !

21 Condeminations:

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

*thumbs up* Very good advice. Can write a book liao lor, hoh?

Anonymous Bryan condemn:

Thanks for the advices!

Ok, I will make sure I do not say the Gaoment is STUPID, gaoments officers CORRUPTED, cabinet ministers ARROGANT, education system FUCKED UP, voters MENTALLY RETARDED ever again!

I like your example for Tip 1 too.


Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Mr Lin Peh,
Thank you so much giving us blogger good advise to become Netsponsible Blogger.
I Will strongly follow your advise on Tip No 4 Don't Say Gaoment is No Good expecially care ful NOT TO SAYs such things like :-please

DO NOT SAY that the Gaoment is STUPID, gaoments officers CORRUPTED, cabinet ministers ARROGANT, education system FUCKED UP, voters MENTALLY RETARDED!

Thanks You so much Mr Lin Peh..I actually wont say such things as I a Good Malaysian Blogger



Anonymous shooi condemn:


funny but good tips!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

niahma!!! use my name!!! I sue you!!!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

1. Golden rule. check
2. I do like you. check
3. Your yamada number 1. check
4. Why I talk about your gaoment. check
5. Lots of water between you and me. check

Thank you. Tank you. che che. kamsamida. Danke schoen. "Thank you in Malaysian"

jumpa lagi

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

You forgot this: Dun say Lin Peh is a SOrHAI infront of Lin Peh, want say say behind..

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Wah... today I learn new thing

Blogger aceone118 condemn:

Sue what la..the lawyers laughing to the bank already.

Blogger angel condemn:

Gua caya(ng) sama lu!

So for No. 2, that means I have to 'blog' about the person that I don't like in your blog?

Blogger Wennnn condemn:

Thank U Lin Peh I also learn liao that when I write hor I hv to refer lidis: According to Lin Peh..... PLs dun Plss dun say that the Gaoment is STUPID, gaoments officers CORRUPTED, cabinet ministers ARROGANT, education system FUCKED UP, voters MENTALLY RETARDED ever again!

Okie okie followin liao...

Blogger Wuching condemn:

thankz for the tips, now i can go hantam ppl kau kau!

Blogger Pookyma condemn:

Great tips there Mr. Linpeh....will bear in mind all ur tips

Blogger Philip condemn:

Wahhh... every bodi got double meaning. Veli angli at gaoment huh?

Blogger CY condemn:

Very good advice for every blogger, blog-reader and blog-hopper on this planet and the blogosphere world. These tips should be read, memorized and recited by every newbie, oldbie, fatbie and skinnibie.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lil Patchee:
Cannot write book la. No one will publish cause too many many acta acta ;-)

Please remember all the rules and also practise them often ! ;-)

If you can show your IC that your name is Rojak/Wingz. I kasi u sue! HAHAHA!

Simple American:
Tank you in Malaysia language is "Tiuniama Kasi"!

You memang my toudai, learning so 9 fast ! Go eat curry rice time, u better follow ! Sorhai ! LOL!

You kena laugh by lawyar before leh ? LOL

You can blog at my blog and no one will know cause my blog no tarapik wan ! :-(

Wei ! Don't simpli say we dun like gaoment! Can kena catch wan wor ! Lin Peh repeat ! WE ALL LOVE OUR GAOMENT ! OUR BRIDGE VELI LONG, TOLL VELI MANY, BULIDING VELI TALL! WAN SHUI WAN SHUI! ;-)

Blogger Horny Ang Moh condemn:

Ever since the 2 blogger get sued I am wandering to keep on blogging or not. He! He! U advice is very good. I think I will just keep on blogging with some 'horny' idea once a wild. Have a nice day.

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

Hahahaha.... beh tahan. You rei good!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

I want to sue 9 you for lying also.
You claimed that you are everyone's Linpeh, but you are not.

Blogger zewt condemn:


Bro, I saluteeee you. Damn lan 7 funny la. Rest assured I will be read your blog religiously... come to think of it, I might as well ask those who read my blog to come here too...!!!

heck, the tiara one is damn funny. and hey, dont always attack uncle lim la... he is trying to do his best, though some of the things he does pretty stupid, didnt use brain earlier. i am not scared to condemn him, cos he got no power to ISA me... hahahaha... but hey, i am your supporter la uncle lim!

and yes, i will remember your tips...

I quote from lin peh "if you think gaoment stupid, don't say it in your blog"... so say it here? hahahaha

Blogger FireHorse condemn:

Aiyah lin peh as per tip #3, I must say my horse sampoo good ady lah even tho it may make me loot moh like anything ah.

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