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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Review: Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

At the very last minute, Lin Peh came to an understanding with the high authority and the clothing issue was resolved without any bloodshed! So, Lin Peh was there at the party last night with all my friends!

Here is the review of the party by Lin Peh:

The Timing
Many peeples were late because yesterday was a very auspicious date according to Confusious. HO WONG AH ! So 9 WONG UNTIL KL ALL JAM WAN ! But everyone still get to makan early ! HAHAHAH!

The Attendence
Fully packed ! 100% sold out ! RM35 for hotel buffet somemore got doorgifts and lucky draws sure la sold out ! Even use Puki Jalil also full la !

The Food
See "The Attendence"

The Games
The game very good but asking peeple to produce Bra is susah la because all the female bloggers no wear bra wan ! HAHAHAHH!

The Doorgifts
The goodie bag so damn full and heavy, Lin Peh have to use 2 hands to carry. What is there to complain ?

Overall Response
It was the best party Lin Peh ever attended (actually, it was the only party that Lin Peh ever attended), everybody there pretend to seems to enjoy.

Lin Peh like to take this opportunity to Tank Q the entire working committee for making the event a success. These peeples are:

1. Wingz - The Chairman
2. Shireen - The Chairwoman
3. Frostier - The Chief Commander
4. Aceone - The Transportation Minister
5. CKYeo - The Chief Security Officer
6. 9393 - The Fund Raiser
7. Ah Huey - The Gate Keeper
8. JKN - The Entertainment Director
9. Kenny Ng - The Multimedia Director
10. ~TheAngel~ - The Designer
11. PennyPupz - The Announcer

Lin Peh also like to Tank Q all the sponsors

Without you, cheapskate bloogers like Lin Peh will not be able to make it.

The movie tickets come very handy, can use them to tackle piaomei.

The decoration very nice. The balloon very nice. Lin Peh sure Wingz keeping some of them to reuse as condom

Your gifts very nice. HAO WONG AH!

You very powderful! Even PIKOM Chairman have to Tank Q u !

Your music very nice!

Lin Peh heard your gifts very nice but Lin Peh no lucky enough to get. Got spare one ?

The chics who manage your booth very nice.

Lin Peh heard your gifts also very nice but Lin Peh also no get. Got spare one ?

You Very Nice !

Your cap very nice and your property also very nice, got discount if Lin Peh buy whole block? ;-)

Your Magazine Very Nice!

The chics who manage your booth also very nice!

The chics who manage your booth lagi nice!

Last night no black out ! You the real powderful!

Your cameraman very pro! Make Lin Peh feel like celebrity like that !

Your hotel very nice! Can apply to masuk the National Heritage!

Last but not least, Lin Peh woud like to also tank the following for signing authograph for Lin Peh:

Ah Nel
Alvin Chong
Andrew Yeong
April Ng
April Yim
Arif Sanchez
Arsyan Ismail
Boss Stewie
Earl Ku
FL Sam
James Yang
Janice Looi
Jess Chong
Jason Mumbles
Jiun Jie
King's Wife
Laundry Amah
Liew Cheon Fong
Liew Mun Tien
Matthew Kang
Mei Yee
Mikel D.Lian
Sui Lynn
The Snark
Vicky Au Yong

Tank Q Again ! See you next time !

24 Condeminations:

Blogger angel condemn:

You never sign for me also...

Pssst! I got 2 tix to watch some dunno what sexual movie... u want be my date? ^.^

And yes, thank you to the Organising Committee!

Anonymous ahboon condemn:

u were there meh!?!?!?!?!? y no c keh? dont play play huh!!

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

U send spy to there ah? Why I didn't see u there?

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

I only hear u say all very nice chick. Post up the chick pic lahhhh! I known I will be missing a lot so have to depend on u guys entries.

Blogger Wingz condemn:

ohhh shit!! i forgot to ask ppl to sign on my program book!!! mch!!!

Blogger Huei condemn:

linpeh..y u no ask me sign???

u no wear shirt there?? i wan c!! y didnt c!?!??! show me!!! kakakka =P

Anonymous jessbabe condemn:

I got sign meh??? sure boh???

Anonymous candygan condemn:

Next time me want join ur party. pls dun forget date me huh ;p

Blogger King's wife condemn:

Thank you MR Sponsor! Forgot to take photo with you tim...

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Where is the web cam link?
Too late!

Next one! OK?

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

go see my brog for your censored face !! muahhahaha!!

Blogger L i s a n condemn:

why i no acknowledgement wan?!

Blogger aceone118 condemn:

Niasing!!My program book is missing. Someone stole my program book!!

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

Thank You too!! the Party was very well organised.

Blogger Jason condemn:

You didn't ask me to sign also although I saw you. :D

Blogger condemn:

Niasing...never ask me to sign oso.

And hor...if people offer me RM1M to guess which is LinPeh oso I cannot guess cos you look si peh see-mun. Yerrrr...never judge a blogger from their blog. Nice meeting you.

Blogger KidChan condemn:


btw, a song for u:

Anonymous earl-ku condemn:

eh i never signed the banner ...

sigh ...

Anonymous ahkwong condemn:

ehhh... didnt saw you and no body find me sign wo~~ T.T

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Got sexual punya movie sure la Lin Peh wan ! ;-)

Play play what fuck wor ? LOL!

Kenny Ng:
You too busy kao all the leng looi sure la no see Lin Peh !

Hor ny Ang Moh:
The pix of the nice chics can be seen at blogs of other bloggers who attended la. ;-)

You too siok taking pic with all the chics mana remember the authograph liao ?

U busy taking care of all the leng chai sure la u no see Lin Peh !

Sure you got sign la. No believe, we 2 go out dating then I Lin Peh show to you. ok bo ?

Why so many peeples all tok next time wan ? Ok la. If still got party, Lin Peh booking u !

King's wife:
No photo never mind wan la. U belajar itu Photoshop la ! haha !

Simple American:
What wetcam u wan ? HAHAHA!

Niasing ! Liddat also can ? Sky keep you wor !

L i s a n:
Lin Peh purposely missed u out so u can cum condemn and Lin peh can start kao u ! LOL!

Someone STOLE ? Your one got gold meh ? HAHA!

Ah Pek:
Nice meeting u ! LOL!

I no ask u sign meh ? Tiu ! Let me double check. Can fax your signature to Lin Peh ah ? LOL!

Si peh see-mun? WRONG ! It's Si Peh HAMSEM! HAHAHAHHA!

Lin Peh celebrity ? No la..Lin Peh is celebration ! HAHAHHA!

Tank Q u for the MTV which featured Lin Peh and friend ! You camera so powderful, next time Lin Peh do Sing Song, make sure you kasi bikin the powderful MTV also huh ? LOL!

You never signed the banner? Tiu lor ! Maybe can ask Wingz go get it back from PIKOM kasi u sign ? ;-)

Anonymous simon condemn:

it was a good party. blog really sapot the sponsor hor? listed 2 times - in post and sidebar! respect!!!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

I was really disappointed with you.
You were not your crazy self that night. mUahahahahah!!!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

next time u should shown urself as without ur jokes i felt weird...

*batang meet reli fun*

Blogger Wuching condemn:

so who got a picture of u?

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