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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wingz Can Sing

Last night, Lin Peh went to a night club "accidently" and to my surprise, Lin Peh saw that Wingz was performing there with his Ah Beng Band! So, Lin Peh quickly took out camera and recorded his performance because good thing must share!


18 Condeminations:

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

u sure that's wingz arr......
let the sky keep him la!! haha!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

niahmaaa!!!! eh .. i look thinner in TV hor?!!! sexy anot??!!

Blogger mob1900 condemn:

Lanjeu! lanjeu! chibai! chaibai! hahahahah niamah!!! damn kau farnee!

Blogger Helen condemn:

Waaa, WIngz so damn hot one ar? Damn it, like mahlatlow sat sau!

Latuk Lin peh, ampun aku har. My cheap earphone plus microphone rosak alreadi so I cannot record my voice for sing song project.

I would have gone and buy new ones, but New year coming and I got no money. So, if latuk got any garmen project, guan jiu ngo hou mou?

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

LOL so ah beng n ah lian mia song. Never know Wingz can sing so well... *clap clap clap*

Blogger angel condemn:

Kiu mia ahh...

Blogger ah nel condemn:

tat mtv song last i got in my i noe its wingz...

* mana as msg gua ask when limteh then no sound*

Anonymous bryan condemn:

Mahai, tonight sure nightmare!!!

Anonymous Kei condemn:

LOL zha dou that song!!
HAHAHAHHA geng ah this song!!

Anonymous kei condemn:

ya lo forgot to mention that wingz really can sing!! O.O

Blogger RayChin condemn:

well done wingz.. tat nite gt rain or nt... KL hot or nt la here damn hot la...

Blogger Wuching condemn:

wuah! wingz is beautiful!!!

Blogger Huei condemn:

Hahahha i didnt know wingz was so sexy! ahahhhaha

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Wah lau...this is the other side of wingz I'm not aware of. Damn sexy!
Such a sweet voice summore. LOL

Blogger Wennnn condemn:

Eh sai leh Wingzzz.. damn sexy hor.. sing song also can dance dance show off lanjiao with bulu... Kakakakakakakakak...... Realli good man....

Blogger aceone118 condemn:

Eh..Wingz got do pole dancing wan also leh. kekeke

Blogger zewt condemn:

ma hai... i think i will die of extreme laughter...

Blogger CY condemn:

Lin Peh, how's the nen nen song coming along? No update wan... Cancer liau ah?

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