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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Merdeka Fireworks


During the Merdeka holiday, Lin Peh's childhood friend Apu suddenly called Lin Peh ask want to watch the free fireworks at Putrajaya or not?

At first Lin Peh didn't really feel like it but Apu said must go because long time we no celebrate the merdeka together liao. Last time during Merdeka time, our school got represent dunno what fuck and everyone go standing under hot sun for few days (teacher said it's call rehersal) and watch those chics from the Girls school and on the Merdeka day itself we will walk around like those communist military like that (teacher said it's call parade). Lin Peh still remember our class at that time represented by Malayu, Chinese, Bangkali and Indian so when we parade time it's like a big MACHIBAI marching! HAHAHA! Then I guess the gaoment realize the MACHIBAI sounds quite vulgar thats why they separate the marching to UMNO, MCA, MIC, Dan lain lain lagi ! Smart also huh ?

Anyway, Apu said not only got fireworks but he was also told that the gaoment also got send some gaoment DJ there to play the loud loud music like Hardcock Cafe like that. I said like that must go because sure got many horny chics wearing short short skirt and tight tight tops so Lin Peh can merdeka together with those hot chics. So I said ok and we meet at the mamak stall near his house there.

When Lin Peh arrive at the mamakstall about 5pm liddat, Apu already there drinking his teh tarik. I asked him so early go there for fuck meh because fireworks don't start so early wan; even during chinese new year also we waited until midnight only we burn the fire crackers. Apu said this one different because they got license to burn the fireworks so they can do it earlier, anyway, he said better go early because he expect many peeples will be there like Thaipusam like that, sure damn jam one.

The last time when Lin Peh go Putrajaya was to fetch a China Piaomei to go to the immigration office there to renew her Visa, Lin Peh still remember the place all the bulding big big, garden big big but no fucking place for parking wan! But that was long time ago already so I hope the place not so fucking condemn anymore.

Anyway, the gaoment actually got issue the notice tell peeple to take public transportation there but Apu said he searched everywhere also dunno what the gaoment means by public transport to Putrajaya. STAR LRT no go there, Putra LRT no go there, Monorail no go there, Metrobus also no go there and Taxi want to charge RM500 just to go, Public lanjiao la !

So, we decided to drive there and see how la. Anyway, the drive was quite smooth because it's merdeka holiday and everyone so patriotik so stay home and watch PM, DPM and all the other M sing karaoke and wave flag on TV. By 630 like that, we already reach the exit to Putrajaya. Then, the car all stop..FUCKING JAM! So Jam like the entire highway has been transformed into a huge parking lot like that. Then, we saw some traffic police directing the "unmove" traffic. Wa lao eh, their face all damn condemn like 3 weeks constipate cannot shit like that. Actually, can't blame them also la because usually they one day see few cars at Putrajay but tonight KNN see so many cars and somemore the cars all cannot move one. Stand there ngong ngong, no kopi to drink, how to smile ?

Finally about 8pm liddat, we found the designated parking area for rakyat who are non VIP and walk there. KNN, I eat until so big, this is Lin Peh first time walking on the high way of Putrajaya with so many patriotik Malaysians who likes to watch free show. If we all together walk slow motion like that, it actually look like the scene from the Kevin Costner's "Untouchables" like that. Anyway, Lin Peh wonder who the fucker design the Putrajaya wan, along the road there got nothing, no shop, no house, no toilet, just grass. Want to make circus at least must put some clown, blow ballon and sell pop corn la! Tiu !

KNNCCB the walk is actually really damn far, somemore got drizzling like that. Lin Peh walk until underwear also wet. Then I asked Apu where are we walking to. He said to the place of the fireworks la. I said fuck la the fireworks they shoot so damn high even Serdang there can see we no need to walk there to see wan la. Anyway, walking is like part of Apu's culture like that, his father mother last time all build the road for JKR wan. He always brag to Lin Peh that his father mother built Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tun Ismail, Jalan Raja Laut etc but Lin Peh wonder why instead of having a Jalan Apu we only have Apu Jalan now! HAHAH! Anyway, he so used to walk and climb steps at Batu Cave, so walking is like drinking water only. Since everyone walk, we also follow and walk la. If not sekali they got free gift at the entrance there we will miss all that.

When we walk on the road, we realize how patriotik the Malaysian are. Cause so many peeples actually bring the flags along to go watch fireworks. Of course many of them also use the flag to multitasking and cover their head (just for info, use flags to cover head is allowed by law) when it was drizzling. I asked Apu why he no bring flag to cover head, he said the free flags sponsored by the Barison National at his area all sapu by the UMNO machai so he did not get any.


At 10pm like that, the fireworks finally started and you can hear all the patriotik Malaysians all ooh and ahh together! At that moment, you can see that everyone has forgotten their differences and united under one objective which is to enjoy free show provided by the gaoment! Anyway, standing near Lin Peh was this stupid Ah Lian who try to take pictures of the fireworks with her cheap handphone camera and then complain to her Ah Beng why the photos all come out black black one! If not for her big size Ah Beng, Lin Peh would have offer her my CANON SLR ! Damn long and big big and can do fireworks also wan ! HAHAHAH! Anyway, everyone there was really enjoying the fireworks because the boom-boom all damn pahwer ! Some can even make pattern pattern one. Wonder they can do one special Boom for Lin Peh's Olin product.

Anyway, after 20 minutes like that, the fireworks finished. The sky no longer bright bright but covered with smoke; the peeples no more ooh and ahh together instead everyone speaking their own language; but no matter what our background is, all of us share the same mission which is to get out of Putrajaya as soon as possible.

As we were walking back to our car, Apu suddenly asked me "You think they will have this for Deepavali?"

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Blogger spookygrace condemn:

wow, u really patriotiKK..purposely go for the firework show.. kekekeke

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

kaneh!! read until head also explode ...inside got fireworks with diff keep u la!!

i love machibai...i love malaysia!!

Anonymous april condemn:

cilaka. force me to read. next time wan write long post u better make the fonts big big.. babi betul~!!!!!

Blogger angel condemn:

Wah liao... cukup patriotik la u... write so long... i think one of the most banyak word mya post!!

U really went for the fireworks meh??? O.o

Blogger Wuching condemn:

tauke, this is the longest posts u ever written! i couldn't finish!

Blogger CY condemn:

Wau manyak bagus punya story!

Blogger sotongking condemn:

write post long long but onli 1 pixture.

wan lie 9 us u go see fireworks isit???

Blogger frostier condemn:

damn 9 long.
can find pubicser liao. ask for do boob. pubic boobs!@!!

Anonymous TUX condemn:

tapek!! tapek!! so patriotik ah!! damn...if you show your CANON SLR sure scare away the Ah Beng wan!!! and you can have your fireworks with Ah Lian hor. Merdeka! brader!

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Ah kor, first time see you write so long post about real experience, must buy lottery. Deal or no deal?

Blogger Huei condemn:

have this for deepavali? OFCOS!
CNY oso got!

just..bagi money for them to minum kopi onli ma..oh and..u kena pay for ur own fireworks oso, but jangan make till bing bing bang bang till too keng la..later they jeles other celebration more shiok than theirs!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

this the 1st linpeh long post and alotsawords......

i read until i vomit blood...

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

salute 9 u lah. first time ever read ur post with so many words. hidup linpeh!!!

Blogger dreamie condemn:

*rub rub eyes* AAIIIIIYYY ...

ANTI CLIMAX thim !!!!!!!!

Blogger sun,moon&star condemn:

very good, linpeh! your essay is the best in the class! A+++

~ Sun ~

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

You go tell Apu during deepavali, the gomen let go flares instead of fireworks.
Too many indians fireworks also not bright enough to see them. LOL

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