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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Since the international famous ear squat incident, our blur blur gaoment has decided to put 18 Chinese speaking translators at airport to assist the china tourist. Lin Peh like the idea and Lin Peh want the job cause can have first view of the China Piao Mei ! LOL !

According to the gaoment, the reason they are doing this is because the gaoment is expecting 400,000 chinese tourist (NO JOKE!!) to come Malaysia during the Chinese New Year month and we want to show them we really welcome them to this country. Of course, Lin Peh think the real reason gaoment doing this is because the minister who went China to apology kena the KNNCCP and DNS from the china minister until tear come out from backside hole. LOL ! But anyway, the reason is not important anymore.

Unless Lin Peh punya calculator short-circuit liao, if not, based on the 400,000 tourist arrival expected, each translator have to "assist" 22,222 tourists during the one month. That also means 740 assists per day if they work 30 days per month which equal to 62 assists per hour if they work 12 hours per day! Do you think that is possible?

Many people will say this is impossible but since our gaoment is a "Ha Mi Lan Jiao Pun Boleh" gaoment, Lin Peh think it's possible ! Why so? Because Gaoment said so ma! LOL ! The gaoment already said no more making susah susah for the Piao Mei to come visit, so the translator job should be quite straight forward. Instead of asking the Piao Mei 10 thousand questions at the airport counter before allowing them to come in, Lin Peh think they will be asked only one question and the question is:


Easy leh ?

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Blogger King's wife condemn:

and the answer is: yes, and linpeh is waiting for me!

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Hahaha, at King's wife comment.

Anonymous kcyap condemn:

lol.......kewl that is funny

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

If they come from hainan island they will say:-


Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

King's wife:
You think Lin Peh name can pakai at the airport meh ? By the way, you mean Lin Peh waiting them as their client or their Or Kui Tao (Pimp)ah ?

Laugh laugh laugh....nanti you kena do the ear squat baru you know.

Thank you for reading and enjoying Lin Peh style of joking.

Hmmmmm...good business idea! If the Piao Mei really come to do chicken rice, the business will be sooooo good until the "Nam Heong" also sure chap lap !

Blogger Samm condemn:

i'm sure they'll proof to customs that they're here for piao-ker linpeh.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lin Peh really like when you say "piao-ker linpeh". Please say more often ! ;-)

Anonymous Darryl condemn:

Ho Tia! Wa sukak!

Those cinamui lai Malaysia buat a nae jae soo. Sepek their face. We want Jipun mui mui!!!!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Hi Lin Peh.....
did somebody mentioned chicken???

Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

pak cham kai...pak shuet shuet( white white) wat luet luet ( smooth smooth)

for you, sure will be yim cock kai coz u soo salty (ham) one

Blogger Egghead condemn:

wah! this should be good news for LinPeh lah!
your "poultry farm" business will be sky-rocketing during CNY!

Blogger mr frust condemn:

ya ya .... Lin Peh bring BIRD flu to Malaysia la.

Anonymous simmie condemn:

They'll say to the Malaysian Immigration Officer: ya, my piao ker lin peh sponsor me. To pay him bek, I have to help sell chicken lice

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Wah...Jipun lin peh like also. Watch many their movie liao. They go "Yamadee, yamadee...." hear also siok. Glas we same taste ;-)

Cocka Doodle:
You supply chicken ?

Siao Cha Bor:
How come you know Lin Peh so well wan ? LOL!

If I got chicken farm, I give you discount voucher lor ! ;-)

mr frust:
The bird flu Lin Peh bringing in only attack the small small bird bird, if your one worry ! If small....ask the piao mei to rub rub it until big big lor ;-)

Want me die meh ? If they mention Lin Peh name at immigration, Lin Peh will be the one doing ear squat la ! LOL!

Blogger wombie condemn:

lin peh: I'll be sure to watch out for the video clip of you doing ear squats...

Blogger Helen condemn:

LOL... jan hai dai sei ar!! What do u do? Are u here to be chicken? And Lin Peh handed the girls and boys his card:

Lin Peh
Phd. Bsc of Sex from Haadyai, Thailand

LICENSED PIMP/GHAI GONG (charging the lowest commission in town!!) &

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Linpeh, you blog about something like that hor, after our tourism induestry get badly hit b'cos no more chinese want to come.

You better pay more tax to compensate hor?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

You veli noti and Pin Tai la ! Lin Peh like ;-)

Thank you for giving Lin Peh so many titles until Lin Peh now walk also like floating.

zara's mama:
Lin Peh no working, everyday tok cock also need to pay tax ? If tok cock need to high high tax, all those entertainers in the parliment must be paying enough to cover the whole country la ! LOL !!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

400,000 tourists from China within 1 month!? Siao lah.Must be chee sin liao. Anyway do not listen to the gaomen. Only know how to tok lam par, par lam. Look at all the monkeys mis-behaving in Parliament! Maybe the YM monyet-monyet can put up a free show for the biau mei.Then more tourists will come.

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Heard u got jalan to supply ah? Can do bizness wif u leh. Like this I can contact u when I'm entertaining my clients in KL la.
Can negotiate for corporate rates ah? Customer loyalty program etc??? LOL

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

The 400,000 gaoment said wan wor...they somemore say it's based of last year record. By the way, Lin Peh very top crass citizen, always listen gaoment wan. LOL !

Cocka Doodle:
You want Lin Peh die also not like dat la. Tell all people I got supply KFC. By the way, can negotiate la. LOL !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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