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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mission 2057 (Misi 2057)

In conjunction with the announcement of the Mission 2057, Lin Peh will like to give prediction opinion on what will happpen to the world in the year 2057 and what we can do to help:

Base on the rate that it is going, students will be scoring 40As in their SPM by the year 2057. However, the overall "intelligence" will still be pretty screwed! So screrwed even those fellas in the newspaper can't differenciate between 19As and 18As! (Niama! Count properly la before making a fool out of yourself!)

Internet Connection:

The internet connection will still be very slow when you go to the porn sites because they will be a lot of dirty minded old fuckers due to the ageing of the world population. However, sites like Disney and Cartoon Network will be spared from this type of problem!


It has been this way for the past hundreds years and it will continue to be this way:


Due to the advancement of genetic engineering, our future generation will all look like this:

And, thanks to the medical technology, the average lifespan will be something like 100+ years old and we all will look like this:

If you are expecting the young generation to have any respect for us you may go screw yourself! Lin Peh can garenti there is no fucking way la ! These young punks will be sending all of us to the movie studio and made us act in some horror movies without any makeup! Niamafulatt!

So, What Can We Do ?

NO WORRY LA! Because peeples in our generation all smart smart wan ! We already invented nuclear weapons and punch a big fucking hole on the ozone layer. So, by the year 2057, if any of them show any disrespect, didn't score enough A in the SPM, or trying to mess around with our hairstyle, we can just press a few button on our phone and launch a nuclear missile at the location where those young fuckers are partying !

So, let's continue screw up the planet !


13 Condeminations:

Blogger angel condemn:

So, when is lin peh going to join the erection?

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

Wah like that aso can predict...gif u become the sky lo(bei gor tin lei zhou)..wan ar>??

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Thanks for the view of the future. I will invest in coconut oil and aloe vera.

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

no worry linpeh
we can send gabenor califoniamah
back to past and cam whore all the fuckers

Blogger zewt condemn:

hahahaha... looks like everyone is talking about those kids scoring so damn many freaking As in the SPM... dunno if they are really that smart or just SPM boh standard.

2057... what a nice way to say 2020 screwed up.

Blogger ah nel condemn:

u think u god kar!!!

Blogger Huei condemn:

40As? not enuff lar, newspaper will say 40A not enough, need 50A.

Wonder wut will happen to unemployed graduate WOMAN hor..still blogging? Haha

Blogger sun,moon&star condemn:

Your predictions on the future looks scary man!!

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Niaseng... Mission 2057? I will not in this world anymore lah... I can say that time everyone can be Superman can fly one la. Vision 2020 also tak jadi wanna say Mission 2057? Dia sudah nyanyok kah?

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Linpeh kah lu kong....samy vellu asked his brickfields gang to come hantam you for putting up his pic there.

Blogger aceone118 condemn:

Misi 2057 hor, I'm looking from above the sky la!

Blogger sotongking condemn:

Haiyaa....look at the bright side la. The misi 2057 is just a scam so Rakyat Malaysia will work harder,think harder,play harder etc. to make it happens

Anonymous QuaVadis condemn:

HAHAHA 20A's indeed...our Standard of Education is soo bad!! But what to do, with useless teachers running around who has nothing to do but blog and meddle in other people's lives!!

Take for example a regular commentar in most blog that I am not talking to who calls himself beautiful Fatty!!

He's an english teacher and supposedly a good one..I was one of his "bad" students who never pays attention to him and he always take the opportunity to condemn me in blogs, private and public...anyway..back to the story...

This english clever clever.england very powderful, has a daughter in Form 5 last year...and when her result came out..she did quite well.. Straight A's actually..until she came to the subject that her father was personally teaching was English Litreature and she got a 7 HAHAHAHAHAHA.... Aiyo? How like that? English teacher punya anak get 7 and he's supposed to be teaching her?? HAHAHA.. Tat's why.don't say bad things of the end..u urself kenak and everyone laugh at you!!!..Hope you remember that STP

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