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Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Open Letter to Toudai

Wahai Toudai,

Lin Peh know recently you very tulan because got one mother fucker condemned your friends who were the emcees during the Together Gather party

and if that is not enough, he somemore called you FAGGOT! (HAHAHAH...actually...damn funny also).

However, since you every month pay Lin Peh RM108 for proteksion money, Lin Peh must fullfill the responsibility by PROTEKTING you ! That's why when you wrote your post to skykeep kao the mother fucker, Lin Peh's advice was:

"Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long"

But you sorhai last time your father ask you go school you ponteng! So, your reply to Lin Peh was:

"mahai...dun speak england to me la....lim peh dern understand oi!!!"

Therefore, you are giving Lin Peh no choice but to teach you how to sky keep the mother fucker in the niamafulatt punya layman language!

1. Go to his blog and click kao his adsense!
Like old chinese saying "want to do stupid job, hire the foreign workers". So, just pay RM18.90 per day to the bangla workers and ask them sit in front the computer for 24 hours and click kao his adsense!

Lin Peh sure he damn happy wan ! HAHAHHAH!

2. Don't link him!
Condemn 9 him until he cannot recognize his father mother but don't give any link to him because his intention was to generate traffic to his blog.

So, if you don't link to him, peeple all also fuck him no free wan ! Like that you get to FUCK him kao kao yet he can't achieve his objective ! Very soon, he will be so tulan until his sperm cum out from nose!

3. Go condemn at his blog!
Everyday go put condemn at his condemn box until he cannot tahan and close down the blog. If he ever condemn back, you tell him it's freedom of speech and you go ask the Sky to Keep him lor! Example of Lin Peh punya creation can be seen here at 9393! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, whatever you do, please do not insult his father and mother! Like the old chinese peeple saying "Face condemn not necessary Father Mother's Fault" ! There are many factors to have a condemn face, it could be due to giving too much speech at party, telling peeple he found his galfriend thru blogging and last but not least...lack of sex! LOL!

Since the fucker already posted a "Sok Tao U Kuai" (shrink head tortoise) post in which he admitted defeat by saying:

Lin Peh hereby declare you are the WINNER !

Remember, winning is not everything but LOSING SUCKS !

In conclusion, this is what we all should learn from this whole incident:

With the above, you have been promoted to Yellow Belt liao. From now on, the monthly proteksion money increase to RM168.

Majulah blogging untuk negara dan diri anda. Tank Q very much !

Your sifu,

Lin Peh
A Specilist in doing skool assinments:
Primary Skool(RM5 per assignment),Secondary Skool(RM10 per assinment)

Additional services available:
Bully you classmate
130cm to 140cm(RM20),140cm to 150cm(RM50),Above 150cm(negotiable)
Beat up your teacher:
Female teacher(RM100),Male Teacher(RM200),Headmaster(Negotiable)

16 Condeminations:

Blogger Wingz condemn:

yin yin siong pou hor see liew lehhh sighhh... sin joi sin joii!!!

Blogger angel condemn:

Sifu memang sifu!

*waits to see the foolat*

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

niamafulatt!! why so expensive geh!!! no discount ar?!

Blogger sotongking condemn:

Niaseng the "kwai tau" so 7 big la.
I learn somethg today...later i wan start click 9 his adsense. Im such a generous guy,i think i'll ask my frens to click oso...

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Niasing ! You sort 9 lan jor ah ? You were the first one to ask Lin Peh to hoot and now u "sin joi" sama Lin Peh ? LOL!

You humsap ! Want to see fulat only ! LOL!

Got discount means not sifu lor! You go make mani from adsense like the mother fucker la ! LOL!

Lin Peh sure your generousity will be much appreciated!

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Aiyoo... still beh suak ah? We did nothing wrong, so just let that person blog what he likes lor. Never did wrong thing, midnight got ppl knocking door also not scare la. Silence is golden.

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

I eat free nothing do later luan luan condemn. Haha.

Blogger frostier condemn:

wingz, ppl tembak 9 ur comunis members no saport some more say this word. =.=

Blogger zewt condemn:

agree with wingz la... yan 1 hah, foong ping long jin... tui yat poh, hoi fut tin hong la.

Blogger aceone118 condemn:

Niamafulatt, why your rates so low wan? No wonder la I no business!!LOL.

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

cool linpeh cool.......
dont mad so much.....
that person kanot see ppls easy wan...

no layan him la......

Blogger Huei condemn:

apatu lkj?? sin joi sin joi? that farker can go screw his own as*!

linpeh..i ji chi u!!!!

Anonymous LinPehFans condemn:

Aiya I left a comment there but dunno he will publish or not!? so I patse here la:

Yeah, I listen to someone…
he asked me give you many many clicks on your adsense wo…
so you will start getting fatttt tatttt liao la.

You BUGGER!!!!! and your gf CIBAI!!!!!
since you liek the words wo much. MCH!

Blogger Sasha condemn:

Why u no plomote my service!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Kenny Ng:
Silence is golden? Rock & Roll without music ? HAHAH!

YES YES ! Kasi luan laun condemn ! Freedom of speech mah !

YES ! U just said the right thing !

yan 1 hah, foong ping long jin... tui yat poh, Mart Lan Tou Mou! HAHAH!

Your service so condemn somemore want to charge high high ? Eat banana la ! LOL!

pisang goreng:
OK OK ! Next time we send you go goreng kao his little pisang !

Huei said:
Tank Q u Ah Huei ! You soooo pretty la !

Wah Sai! This is what I called Sappot ! Tank Q u !

You got provide service one ah ? Lin Peh like ! How much ? HAHAHAHHA!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

People really do get what they pay for ya?

Add your condemn