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Thursday, September 06, 2007

iBitch on Demand

The Majlis Perbandaran Selayang is having a Dog Catching contest and the winner will be rewarded with cash:



As a very responsibile corporate citizen that always sappot the gaoment (town council is also like gaoment like that), OLIN has just launched its iBitch On Demand specially for this dog catching contest.

With iBitch On Demand, you can loan the iBitch at a norminal fees and use them as bait to bait your target during the contest:



Lin Peh sure your "harvest" will be damn good with iBitch On Demand.

Terms and condition as follows:

1. Please clean the iBitch with bleach and dettol and rinse them for at least 10 times before returning them. Any uncleaned iBitch will be considered SOLD and you will be charge Double the suggested retail price.

2. The iBitch can only be use to bait the dog and NOT the organiser of the event. OLIN reserves the right to perform DNA test on the suspected user if we suspect that the iBitch has been used by anyone else other than the Dog.

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7 Condeminations:

Blogger frostier condemn:

for more details, please send your request

Blogger clement condemn:

is it useful for cats as well? :P ha ha

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

wanna move to selayang temporary. lin peh, i wanna order 10 sets!!! ;)

Anonymous littlepolaris condemn:

Linpeh, u renting it or selling? lol how much per hour?

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

my dog is female lor how to buy that iBitch thing waste money la.....

better spend on Ipiao mei better

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

I still prefer iPiaoMei... kekeke

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

got Olin Ilinpeh onot?! if got i confirm bid balek!!

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