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Friday, September 14, 2007

Lin Peh Tok Budget

Since the budget announcement by the gaoment one week ago, many peeples been complaining about this that and so and forth. For those of you blur fuck who don't really know how it works. Let Lin Peh summarize for you.

The is Gaoment Version:

1. Income:


The above figures a bit blur blur wan

Since the figure above blur a bit, Lin Peh summarize a bit for you. Basically, the table say next year gaoment will make money like this:

Total Direct Tax (Corporate tax, Petroleum Tax, Corporate Tax)
RM74.915 billion

Indirect Tax (excise duty, sales tax, service tax)
RM27.080 billion

Non Tax Revenue (Dividends from Petronas, licenses, permits)
RM45.098 billion

Total Revenue: RM147.093 billion

2. Total Expenditures: RM176.9 billion
(This figure is provided by the gaoment, published everywhere already so no dispute please)

3. Conclusion:
The gaoment will be spending RM29.807 billion MORE THAN its income i.e. budget deficit!

Lin Peh's Budget
Now, let's look at the figures in the picture below which were also provided by the gaoment, but different dept from the one above:


Based on the figures above, the gaoment paid a total of
RM 16,665.94 (RM10,700 + RM5,741 + RM224.94)

for goods with the market value of:
RM507 (RM417 + RM50 + RM40).

Which means an "inflation" of 32.87 times.

This is Lin Peh's Version

1. Don't be so greedy la.
Let's inflate the expenses by 2 times enough la. Like that those peeple involve with the inflation still untong 2 times, still won't die of hunger. By inflating the "actual" expenses based on 2 times, the expenses will be

RM10.77 billion. (176.9/32.87 X 2)

2. Abolish Direct and Indirect Tax!
That means gaoment income will only from Non Tax Revenue of RM45.098 billion.
After spending the RM10.77 billion, still got balance of RM34.328 billion balance.

3. Distribute the Balance.
Divide the RM34.328 billion equally to the 30 million population(including the 5 million illegal foreign workers) which means each person (old, young, baby included) will get RM1,144.27.!

No more tax somemore got money back from the gaoment. Happy not? This is the real people friendly and caring budget la! You think can call for erection anytime ?


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Blogger clement condemn:

obviously the one in power have to take the budget for idiots 101...

Blogger frostier condemn:

i think u r wrong.
in fact, everything is wrong...

Blogger zewt condemn:

laugh laugh laugh... when gomen implement GST... all will die.

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

i'm dreaming on edi now!!!

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