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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 1)

Here's the latest update on the Sing Song Project:


Yip Chi Weng of "Beyond" suppose to play the drum but he very sad now, he cannot play already because he's now unemployed since there is no more "Beyond". Luckily, Lin Peh found out the kopi-shop fried Kwei Tiao one his name is Yip Chi Seng, so Lin Peh got him to substitute la.

Paul McCartney suppose to play bass but he too busy with new wife and all the chics. Lin Peh didn't know earlier that Ang Mor songs can get so many chi-byes. If not, last time small small time Lin Peh sure polish English instead of everyday go those road side show and watch Ah Beng sing "Jit Pah Ban" and Ah Lian sing the "Ai Lin Te Lang Chow" (boyfriend runaway with other people). Anyway, Lin Peh manage to get this Ah Huat change name to Paul McAhHuat for now and play the bass for this project.

Elic Crapton suppose to play the guitar but he not yet free because he preparing for his World Tour. Since Lin Peh last time small small got play a bit the guitar. Lin Peh sendiri mari lor.

Ta Mao (Big cat) of China Blue told me earlier he wants to play the keyboard but recently Goh Pah a.k.a Wu Bai (500) got new project so he also cannot play. No choice lor, Lin Peh get this friend name also very cool wan...Kao Kia (Small dog) to substitute lor.

In conclusion, the music should be ok la.


So far, Lin Peh already received the singing files from the following bloggers:

  • JoMel

  • Simmie Lang

  • Jkn of KL Podcast

  • PJ

  • Lin Peh very happy to receive those files so Lin Peh want to take this oppotunity to thanks them for producing such high quality recording and singing within such a short time. Damn good ! (5Xmom, you got feel threaten kah?)

    Anyway, everything is in order, No worry la. I have got plenty of request to extend the deadline to December 19 because of various technical reasons that Lin Peh also no understand. So, no choice lor. The deadline for the file submission is now extend to December 19...:-(

    Lin Peh need to go look for the guitar which is half eaten by Mickey Mouse.

    p.s. Please come back regularly for the latest update !

    32 Condeminations:

    Anonymous Yumsup condemn:

    Cool man ur sing song project, however i won't be joining u guys. My voice no good one wor. U want me to start a blog? No way, my english no good one, shy lar. No doubt I've many many juicy hamsup & yumsup stories to tell. I normally hang out with dyfunctional freaks. BTW, all ur silai frens english damn good one wor. I luv helen's blog!

    Blogger King's wife condemn:

    dun say you have extended the dateline just for me lah. Everyone also wants more time mah..
    You got the right country but I not in Hapchai.

    Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

    Aiyo.. now I feel guilty.. I cannot find mirophones with headset la..

    Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

    Dun play play. I send to you soon. Do some duet style.

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    what la u ! Engrish no good but u know what "dyfunctional freaks" what lan jiao is that ?

    King's wife:
    OK lor....extended lor. anyway, u mean you are looking for "duck" but not in Hapchai ! Wah....chi-kek lor....please tell us more when you back! (provided still got energy and chi-bye not too sore la....LOL)

    zara's mama:
    go pinjam one la. or buy one also can. cheap cheap only

    What style also can la....Lin Peh waiting ;-)

    Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

    i need technical assistant laa...i just managed to get help and i hope i can send u the file soon. meanwhile, i am waiting for my carton of birdsnest arriving at KLIA tmrw

    Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

    This is interesting! BUT.. You got mic/canggih hp/mp3 player to pinjam ah?

    Anonymous yvy condemn:

    :( still stuck in a rut. :(

    Blogger wombie condemn:

    hmm...I don't think you really need fancy schmancy mp3 player or anything like that. I used a cheapo mic that I use to videoconference with my parents and just download some software to record...that's all everything done within a few minutes

    Blogger Helen condemn:

    Sorry Lin Peh I still have not pass up my voice.... got hold up a bit bcos Andy (your idol) asked me for a duet. I of course turned him down coz i can never sing his key!! LOl

    Joking only.... I still cannot figure out how to put my voice in MP3.....

    Blogger JoMel condemn:

    agree with simmie, i just sang into a cheapo mic I have, done within 2 mins. save, and send.

    Blogger 5xmom condemn:

    WAHHHHHH I so excited to record, come out voice oso like chipmunk. Quickly check yr email and see I got future to be a Grammy Award singer anot? LOL. It has been fun ler.

    Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

    Lin Peh I found a free software for voice recording(Since Helan ask for it)

    Anonymous KL Podcast condemn:

    Fuyooo! Mackie mixer board ar?? Same model as mine :p BTW, I used a cheap-cheap RM$12 Philips mike. No money for AKG or Shure...

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Siao Cha Bor:
    Ok. Hope to receive your recording soon. By the way if your kkcnest don't arrive tomorrow. You can take the white saliva from my kkc. Want ah ? LOL !

    Lil Patchee:
    If I got mic/canggih hp/mp3 player to pinjam...I won't be called Lin Peh lor ! ;-)

    yvy said...
    Speak Engrish la ! what is "stuck in a rut" ? ;-)

    Thanks your for helping me to help those "less technical" people here! You want a job as technical assistance at the pasar malam VCD stall ?

    You got kidding or not ah ? If Lin Peh can do sure you Helen can do. You somemore so "hiao", show some legs and boob and I am sure many guys will be lining up to assist you la ....right ? LOL !

    Maybe the rest of them really got the wrong mic la :-(

    Got your file! Thanks! Grammy nomination ah ? Not sure yet. Let me tok to the Chairman of the Grammy Committee see whether "minta tolong sikit"

    Wah you really good la. Next time got more more stuff like this must share share. By the way..if got free chic from NZ make sure don't forget Lin Peh also ;-)

    KL Podcast:
    You work as a fucking studio engineer kah ? Know all the brands so well wan ? If so...we will include you as the official sound engineer for the Great Bloggers Meet!

    Anonymous yumsup condemn:

    "dyfunctional freaks" are ppl like you who do, act & talk lan jiao stuffs. I memang salute you .. the best part is you managed to convince a whole bunch of morons to join your sing song project. Kudos to lin peh!

    Blogger 5xmom condemn:

    Wah...Lin Peh, got people jeles you got so many supporters joining your project wor.

    Anonymous yumsup condemn:

    lin peh, lilian, silais, etc ... no jealous cross my heart. Sori yeah .. dun mean to sabotage your sing song project .. joke joke only mah! Once again, sori if you guys are offended. Next time, yumsup promise i think before i write K.

    Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

    aiya, i kenot protein overdose wan...sure kenot sing like anita mui...

    Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

    linpeh , i dowan to sing
    later tsunami again , not raining

    Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

    Ok. Sudah jalan. Fast fast go collect the files :) Dun jeles and faint ok.

    Blogger wombie condemn:

    lin peh, what kinds of VCDs you sell first? Wait, don't need to say...must be hamsup kind wan!!!

    Blogger Angel Eyes condemn:

    err.. any vacncies here or not? i need another job as well!

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Aiya...give her benefit of doubt lor. Sai Lo Lui Ngm Sek Sai Kai (Small gal dunno the world). She apologize already so we no angry her la. But if she call my supporters "whole bunch of morons", I will sure curse that she got gang raped by a bunch of bengkalis ! LOL ! (kidding only la)

    Siao Cha Bor
    Of course cannot sing like Anita cause the last time I check she died already la.

    Kang Xian
    Scare to sing say so la. So many lan jiao chi-bye reason you think the we all below 12 years old wan ah ? LOL !

    gbyeow said:

    You so clever gal...already know the answer before Lin Peh tok.

    Angel Eyes
    You so chun and pretty...Lin Peh Like. No job also must create one job for you. By the way, I created one job specially for you....can you blow ah ? LOL !

    10:57 AM

    Blogger Angel Eyes condemn:


    hey, i mean 'real job', get it dude?

    haha.. cheers!

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

    I'm so touch ... lucky lin peh not the siew hei type .. kiss kiss. Very black heart u got .. how could u ask bengalis to DIU me .. Yumsup NEVER like big fat cock, summore black black one *shudder*

    Blogger Helen condemn:

    Wei, No dius from you OK??

    I tagged you!!!!

    ** quickly cari connection to go under abit bfore Lin Peh fatt lan jar..**

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Angel Eyes:
    Imagin this...Lin Peh say " of course real one la me dear" a soft soft voice ;-) LOL !

    Anonymous said...
    All cock also black wan la ! only difference is some black, some blacker and some blackest !

    Diuuuuu !

    Anonymous Jason condemn:

    Linpeh, I tried already, I still can't record good quality punya file lah~! Give up, besides, I keep on sing off key one... -paiseh-

    I try again 2n9, if still tak boleh, i think i have to call it off loh~!

    Sorry hor!

    Blogger Angel Eyes condemn:

    lin peh,
    can whisper those sweet nothings to me eh?

    *blush blush*

    Blogger 5xmom condemn:

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Cannot wait...

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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