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Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 2)

If you still have not send in your recording, soli lor cause Lin Peh already decided that the submmision for your recording is now officially closed!

So, all in all, Lin Peh received 12 recording from the following bloggers

  • king's wife

  • Siao Cha Bor

  • GBYeow

  • Lil' Patchee

  • Helen

  • 5xmom

  • OngLine

  • Mikel Lian

  • JoMel

  • Simmie Lang

  • Jkn of KL Podcast

  • PJ

  • and one William Hung punya kakilang style from
  • KC Yap

  • Anyway, Lin Peh now very busy because too many "yamade" during weekend. So...will update again tomorrow.

    Cheers !

    12 Condeminations:

    Anonymous Yumsup condemn:

    Bonus 4-mth wor. Yumsup veri hapi. Feel like singing but too bad you closed shop alreadi.

    Blogger Helen condemn:

    Sigh, how many tapes do you own in your yamade collection?? ** roll eyes *

    Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

    today auntie teach u new word ah
    don yamete everytime laa


    cincin means "men's banana"
    mangkuk means "women's abalone"

    lesson to be continued

    Blogger Justin K C Yap condemn:

    Oi......die die. This time reli bcome willim hung no 2 LOL. Eh dun put the file for download or else...charm

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Yum Sap:
    Screw you la. got 4 months bonus somemore wan to sing the FOC Lin Peh punya kala-ok Christmas Song ? Date me out la...Lin Peh Sing Live for you !

    Tapes, VCD, DVD, MPEG, AVI...all got! If go according to our "porno pocession" law, Lin Peh already kena death sentence la ! You want Lin Peh share share with you ? Come Lin Peh house la...we can watch together. LOL !

    Siao Cha Bor:
    cincin means lanjiao ? KNN leh ! U kinky la...u like guy wear ring on the lanjiao wan ? Lin Peh heard like that can tahan lama but Lin Peh dare not try, takut after the cincin stuck have to go doctor and chop it off. Lin Peh no like ! ;-)

    mangkuk is chi-bye ? mana mari punya chi-bye so big wan ?

    Yes yes yes....please continue...Lin Peh Like !

    Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

    solli hor linpeh, last few nights me very bz, wanted to do it, but by the time reached home very late and tired liao, some more baby crying.

    Have to skip this one. *bow low to apologise*

    Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

    nooo noooo, you got it all wrong! i teach u the real japanese language and you turned it up side down pulak

    u don bully me ah, i cry one ah...

    but but i shall be a good teacher and teach somemore tonite

    Anonymous Lin BU condemn:

    i love read your blog.. funny enough... KENG !

    Blogger King's wife condemn:

    hello, when can we hear the final product? faster, faster....
    Dun forget your version of 'jit pah ban' as bonus track hor.....

    Anonymous yvy condemn:

    me too lin peh...soli wor. just COULD not find anyone to help me.
    :( *thousand apologies*

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

    Regarding JUSTIN KC YAP (KC YAP):
    The real person behind the posting of daily entries in is Malaysian Justin Yap. Justin’s own website is but he committed a wordpress contest scam earlier this year and he is now hiding behind his buddy’s website. His website is now redirected to If you type “kcyap +scam” in Google search box, you can view pages relating to the scam committed by kcyap.

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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