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Friday, March 23, 2007

Rejected by Pay Per Post


Since everyone has been talking about pay per post, Lin Peh also want to make some money by doing some paid posts! However, after submitted the registration, Lin Peh got the following mail from their SUPPORT TEAM:

Dear Lin Peh,

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, your blog violates our terms of service under the

* Excessive profanity

Your blog would fall into this category. Sorry :(

Thank you!
The PayPerPost Team

Niamafulatt ! Lin Peh writing so kao powder also they don't want Lin Peh to help meh? So, Lin Peh try to see what so condemn with my blog until they refuse to let Lin Peh write about their produck. So, Lin Peh went through all the posts, piece by piece, word by word. Finally Lin Peh understood their reason of "Excessive Profanity". It means:

Lin Peh is Excessively PRO in writing with many FANsi and their pay Is too petTY!

Lucky they found out early ! If not sure KNNBCCB wan ! ;-)

By the way, you may also read all the previous posts in this blog and see whether you agree with Lin Peh!

Anyway, please check this blog frequenly because Lin Peh will be upgrading my image a bit by doing a baby post soon! Meanwhile, have a good weekend and don't drink and yamade because no good for your lanjiao and chibye! HAHAHAHHAH!

27 Condeminations:

Anonymous april condemn:

ur blog geng. but u fp. that's why they dunwan u. :P

Anonymous Bengbeng condemn:

u r an original..mayb they need time to get used to yr blog :)

Blogger Wuching condemn:

hahahaha..but neber mind coz its them that loses if they dun take u as their writer!

Blogger Rabbit condemn:

Probably cos u are too rich d ler? Thats why they find excuses to reject u. Haha!

Blogger lil'd condemn:

you so pro, they where can afford to pay you

Blogger FL Sam condemn:

LoL. Too much pirating until PPP scared you become Pirate of PPP. :)

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

dern nid to fark them wan....lim peh mia blog also kena reject la....reason: excessive vulgarity and excessive malicious motive (which include all the sky keep peeple post)

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

no need la lin peh...
your blog oledi keng
no need pay
pay per post

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Those guai lo understand read hokkien and lin peh slang meh? Sure got kakilang go bocor lin peh secret language one.

Blogger angel condemn:

Yerrr... u do PPP, I'll ZZZ...

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

tell hor lin peh, you you go an edit every post that is profane and put in some good innocent stuff and submit again, sure approve wan!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

What is fp? Please enlighthen Lin Peh !

They will need very loooong time ! LOL!

You really know the secret of trade!

If Lin Peh is rich sure kahwin u ledi la ! HAHAHAH!

Too pro hor ? HAHAH!

FL Sam:
Not a bad idea! One day Lin Peh will pirate kao them ! HAHAHA!

Lucky your blog kena rejeck also! If not, kenot call yourself my toudai ledi ! HAHAHA!

pisang goreng:
So, you plan to pay me or not? :-)

Yeah lor...please dig out for Lin Peh who is that 25 boy!

You mean Lin Peh do PPP, you zzz sama gua??!!!!!

Ah Pek:
WOOI! Liddat Lin Peh have to delete all the posts ! HAHHAHAHA!

Anonymous AhBoon condemn:

hhaha humhai LinPeh kena red card out liao. less one hantu to Chiong Makan.

go post more baby breast feed punya pic, sure they will appppprove you la.

Anonymous april condemn:

fp stands for face problem. meaning right now lin peh is not englightened enough and also fp lor. that's why they didn't want lin peh. :P

Blogger candygan condemn:

u such Keng ppl pun kena reject huh.. they really Mo Ngan Kong lol..;p

Blogger Helen condemn:

you so excessive PRo people sure sked to take you..

Why not try Pay-Per-Porn... lol

Blogger CY condemn:

Don't worry Lin Peh. This is a good thing.

Btw, when's the next Sing Song? :D

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Ah kor, I'm back in action! Still a little outdated though. Hehe.. Did I read 'baby post'?? Lu punye bini ada happiness ah?

Blogger Simple American condemn:

You are definitely a pro Lin Peh. How cum my missus confirm that ahr?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

You sure they will approve my baby post ah ? wait la ! Lin Peh will post one soon ;-)

You mean Lin Peh's face so condemn meh ? :-(

Too Keng ! hahahah !

Pay Per Porn dekat Jalan Alor got already ! HAHA!

Sing Song again ? Yao mo kao chor ah ?

Lil Patchee:
Welcum back into action ! HAHA! YES! Lin Peh punya baby post cumming soon ! ;-)

Simple American:
Cause your missus also know how to appreacite good writer ! WAHAHAHA!

Blogger King's wife condemn:

Baby post?? You ada good news ah? ;-)

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

ur blog too geng chao la... they r too far behind, so they jeles ma. Don't drink and yamade? New slogan from Ministry of Health ah? LOL

Blogger Huei condemn:

alamak kesian!

stupid ppp dem lanci

Anonymous laundryamah condemn:

ya what bb post? fast fast...tell all!

Anonymous Bee Stung Lips condemn:

You're too creative for PPP. They can't handle your foresight. How?

Blogger AceOne118 condemn:

?? wei !! got red kaler egg to eat ar? From where wan?

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

You never take precaution when you FKK with your piaomei now piaomei ber-telur liao?

That's why want to upgrade your blog to baby blog ah?

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