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Friday, September 21, 2007

Space Mission 103: Pre-Departure Preparation


The time almost here. The first astronaut of Malaysia will be leaving for outer space soon. Too bad most of you don't get to know the detail of space program because The Malaysia International Aerospace Adventure 2007 (MIA 2007) exhibition has really gone MIA!

Today Lin Peh will continue the Space Mission Mini Series by toking about "Space Mission 103: Pre-Departure Preparation"

In this episode 103, Lin Peh will show you the checklist that our Boleh Astronaut has to go through before the departure date:

1. Make sure to check the signal lights, break light, side mirror, rear mirror and the reverse light of the space ship all in working condition.

2. Make sure to bring a few extra Jalur Gemilang just in case got Terengganu kids on the same flight.

3. Practise your roti canai flipping skill! You may be asked to do that in space!

4. Bring along your sambal balachan because the space food sucks!

5. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your date of departure.

6. Make sure to load the entire 'Apollo 13' soundtrack in your iPod.

7. Remember to call the Russian Space Agency and reconfirm your ticket at least 24 hours before departure time. Make sure all "payments" have been settled!

8. Make sure you bring along the updated atlas of the universe which shows thats Pluto is no longer part of our solar system.

9. Remember to bring some monkeys from home because it is legal to export them !

10. Check your Mykad on the status of your religion to ensure no confusion when you come home.

11 Condeminations:

Blogger Sasha condemn:

and remember to bring i piao mei there cos its very very boring there!

Blogger Helen condemn:

hahaahaha this is good!!

Yeah lor... while at it, make sure those DVD they brought along for entertainment is not from Uncle Ho.

Blogger clement condemn:

what's the deal with Terengganu kids and jalur gemilang?

Anonymous I love pio mei condemn:

Be the 1st to masturbation in space and clean it up with the jalur Gemilang. This will go into the Malaysia record book or the Genesee world of record! Haha!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

how they going to sembayang up there?

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

hey, how r u going to do the teh tarik thing up there???

Anonymous Philip condemn:

Malaysia where got astronout! Talk only big big. Malaysia only got "Spaceflight Participant". Don't believe huh? Go to Nasa official website

Anonymous Mat Cyber condemn:

M'sia space programme is like the story of Emperor's New Cloths.
Here is one video clips which represent the two astronaut from Bolehland.

Anonymous littlepolaris condemn:

guide to bcom "spaceman" in Malai-sia~

1) no need to study high high with 1A, 2Bs, 7Cs in SPM boleh enter local U. go oversea further studies? tak payahla, save all ur money to get more concubines.

2) no need be so stupid like those angmoh, wat for study physics? maths? engineering? Our gaoment say hor, know how to cook sambal, belacan and make teh tarik enuff liao.

3) next, to be selected as canditate hor, u must PRAY! sembahyang minimum 5 kali sehari, if you pray more than other competitor then automatically u can naik roket go to the moon.

To all who wan to join,wish u plenty of luck! pray hard!

Blogger dreamie condemn:

Be astronout , we cannot
but we Bolehland can go Spaceland
YA !!! Malaysia Cemerlang !!.. kkk

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