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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 4)'s confirmed ! At 12:00 noon tomorrow, 22 Dec 2005, it's the world premier of the White Christmas brought to you specially by the Crazy Blogger's of the world which include the following:

Jkn of KL Podcast
KC Yap
king's wife
Lin Peh
Mikel Lian
Siao Cha Bor
Simmie Lang

As for now, Lin Peh going YAMADEEEEE !!!


15 Condeminations:

Anonymous simmie condemn:

Not bad, not bad. Thanks lin peh for all your hard work!

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

King's Wife told me damn chun the recording, but I kneel down to beg her to let me listen also she won't let.. aigh..

now, I wait for tomorrow loh.

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Wuah... now I heard all the hiao-hiao and nam yan hon (is that correct ah?) voices, must tabik hormat to LinPeh. It is VERY fun, nice and so 'warm' to sing together.

Oi, Lin Peh, are you going to reveal the voices? Dun better hor? Let people guess. You do contest la. Who can guess what. Hahaha.

Prize :
Female winner - one night with Lin Peh

Male winner - one night with Helen.
*runs from Helen wooden clog*

Blogger Helen condemn:

Good work!! I bet you've spent long hours twining here and there..... but the end result is great! A big big thank you for your hardwork!

Lilian - one night with me?? Kesian them.....LOL Lucky you only declare the prize AFTER the compilation... if not, nobody will dare to submit their voice!! The prizes are simply too generous.......!! LOL

Anonymous John Ong condemn:

LinPeh, good job!
I really loved it. I may be a new comer to the Malaysian Blogger community, but what an honor to be a part of such fun project.
Through the marvel of technology, it's like we were all in the studio together. :D
I know you must have spent hours on this project. I do audio recordings and I know how much it takes to do all the editing. Thanks again.
And regarding the guess which voice is whose, that sounds like fun. Of course, it's alreay been revealved to those who submitted. Surely that's going to be fun for everyone.

Anonymous John Ong condemn:

Oh, I "beh kee" (forgot). I will be playing it as my closing song on my next podcast "Ongline #107 Happy Loving". A nice and fun song to end a rather serious topic for the show. It should be posted on Thursday, December 22, 2005.

Anonymous KL Podcast condemn:

Yahoo!! Congrats Lin Peh and everyone. It's done! I'll play it on my show tomorrow.

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:


I cant attent the Premier..hahaha as at that time 12pm I be flying home to KL.

To others u people can sing lei

Anonymous jacy condemn:

wow! this is so exciting. Cant wait for it..

Blogger JoMel condemn:

john ong what lovely voice you have *droolssss*

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

It's been fun recording this with all of you. ;) Thank you, Lin Peh!! 3 more hours to the "world premier"!!

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

LinPeh - I am going to be busy today. So, I post the names of the participants earlier a bit but ask them to come to here to listen at twelve noon ok? You got the URL where I uploaded the music liao hor?

So, guys and gals, shall we sit back and wait for some billion dollar deal to cut an album? Next project - tong-tong-chiang?

Blogger MahaguruSia condemn:

yeah, thks for the invite Lin Peh but I didn't participate not because I am scrooge but my voice will spoil the Christmas mood for everyone (for effing 7 years). You see, I am a very considerate person. kekeke.... Merry Christmas everyone :)

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

You sure you listening to the correct file ah ?

zara's mama:
You kneel down in front of her no use wan la. Kneel down in front of me and ......(yamade)...sure can get.

Good idea. Will be a guess who's voice. Hope others will do the same. Prize ah....."one night with Lin Peh" only if she is chun ;-)

If male winner get one night with you. Can I participate ah ? LOL !

John Ong:
You chi-bye cannot tell earlier that you do audio recording wan meh? If know earlier, can pass everything to you! LOL !

Your podcast need people to tell humsap story ah ? Lin Peh go tell sure hit wan la ! LOL !

What about your podcast? Need people tell humsap story ah ? LOLx2

Pass it to the cute cute stewardess and tell her to play it as inflight entertainment. Sure hit !

Siapa lu ah ? never see you tok cock here wan? Anyway...will be on soon ;-) Hope you like!

cilaka, after all my hard work you hiao hiao for John Ong pula...wasted la ! should have told you that good voice is Lin Peh ! Cheh ! ;-)

Lil Patchee:
You siok I siok !

Tong tong chiang ? Not a bad idea. Let's see the response first ;-) Maybe tong tong chiang we see live at klpodcast and johnong studio (I am sure jomel will jump for excitment whenever I mention JohnOng)

Voice condemn cannot become mahaguru lor ! LOL ! anyway, thanks for consideration ! LOL !

Blogger wombie condemn:

lin peh: Yes lah! You emailed me the final cut lerrr.

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