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Friday, December 30, 2005

That's all for 2005

To all the beloved (and corrupted) readers of Lin Peh blog:

As the year 2005 is coming to the end, Lin Peh will like to inform all of you that Lin Peh Tok 3 Tok 4 blog will be having the following special sections starting 2006:

1. Si Lai of the Month!
On monthly basis, Lin Peh will announce the winner of Lin Peh's Choice Si Lai blogger of the month. The reason Lin Peh do this is because many humsap fellas blog got do babe of the month, chic of the month but there are so many nice Si Lai who blog but no one seems to give a fuck about them. So, Lin Peh do lor! The monthly winner will be given a special "sticker" from Lin Peh (Like kindergarten like dat) and she can proudly stick the sticker to her blog and tell the whole world about it ! Cool leh ?

The criteria to be chosen is very simple. Firstly, Lin Peh must have read the blog; secondly, Lin Peh siok after reading the blog; and finally (most importantly) the owner of the blog must be a silai la!

2. Untold History of the World!
From time to time when Lin Peh doing research in kopi shop, Lin Peh discover many untold histories that worth sharing with everyone here. Since this histories all very "keng" and "hit" but never make it to the school textbook, Lin Peh decided to dedicate a special section to it so that they will not be forgotten.

Lin Peh hope the new additions will bring more joy and entertainment to all the readers of Lin Peh blog in the upcoming year and therefore corrupt all my readers even more.

For the year 2005, Lin Peh is very pleasure that so many peoples actually come read Lin Peh's screwed up blog. More pleasurer when Lin Peh got so many supporters in the Christmas Sing Song Project. And most pleaseurest when the the final product of the Christmas Sing Song Project was downloaded for more than 1,000 times and passed on to many many more thousands peoples. So, overall, it has been a wonderful year of blogging (plus some yamadeing) with all of you.

With all the pleasures in my heart, Lin Peh like to say thank you to everyone and wish everyone a very happy 2006, Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Signing off for 2005.

Lin Peh

24 Condeminations:

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

LOL! You are really one-of-a-kind. Si lai oso can? But then, how you categorise si-lai? Married ladies or real si-lai who don't go to work, shake legs at home? You careful hor, don't kena the wrath of si-lais, deadly, I tell ya.

Anonymous simmie condemn:

The song was downloaded 1000 times? Wow! That's great!

Eh, so is the Chinese New Year sing song project on? What about Valentine's day? Lomantik love song, I'm sure a lot of si lais will participate wan!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

happy nu yar si-lai killa !!! lol

Blogger King's wife condemn:

wah, all the si-lai sure love u already.
anyway, it's been a pleasure reading your hamsap blog.
here's wishing u A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

happy new year and can request someting ka?

can write more on yamede ah?

btw, wats the criteria for being classified as a "si lai"

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Do I, a tai-tai wannabe, qualify as a si lai hah?

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Most important thing is make sure you update your blog regularly la...

That should be your new year resolution.. don't yamade so much, blog more.

Blogger Samm condemn:

Si Lai Sart Sau!!!! Here comes Linpeh, hahahaha. Make sure ur sticker not hamsup wan ah.

Blogger Helen condemn:

You are the si-lai saviour and redeemer of pride and syiok factor!! It is indeed good to know there are ppl (man summore) out there who still give a fark about si-lais.... lol

I'm glad your song project is a success... and rightly so, I might add with all those sexy, beautiful, leang bloggers contributing to this project!! LOL OK, and your hardwork also.:-)

WOuld like to wish my favourite Hamsap King Lin Peh a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lol It is indeed a pleasure knowing you! (thanks to our mutual dislike for Andy!) Be good!

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Got Silai of the year or not? Haha. Gambate! Yamade!

Anonymous Joyce condemn:

Thank you Lin Peh.
Had so much fun reading yr blogs these couples of days.

**Happy New Year**

Cheers !!!

Anonymous yumsup condemn:

It was indeed a pleasure reading your blog. Yumsup wud like to u wish Hamsap Lin Peh a very happy new year. No need to wish yumsup .. hear happy new year too many times also "sian" already!
Linpeh u seem to be obsessed with silai, why the blantant discrimination?

Blogger mr frust condemn:

LOL ... *Good luck to you!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Btw, Happy New Year Si Lai Satt Sao!

Anonymous kcyap condemn:

happy new year

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

How come u so support Silai ar?
U got rheumatism isit?

Die die now all the silai sure kill me one..but i hope new year they will spare me la.

Wish you a your Family a happy New Year
'May All Your Wishes Comes True la'

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

I would like to wish you Happy yamade New Year, more and more yamades for the coming year.

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Happy New year LinPeh.
You are certainly the live-wire here.

The song project was absolutely fantastic.

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Happy New Year, Lin Peh!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

The cretiria of Si Lai means those who usually blog about her hubby (boyfriend), Children (sendiri or other people punya), and the typical silai lifestyle of shopping, cooking etc ;-) LOL !

Yes. Chinese New Year sing song project is on since the Christmas one so success. Cumming Soon ! Valantine's Lomantic song will depend on the CNY project first lor.

Not si-lai killa la. At least not yet! LOL!

King's wife
I hear you say ":all the si-lai sure love u already" Lin Peh also siok la.

Siao Cha Bor
Write more on yamede ah? Will try my best ;-)

Don't worry my dear. You Sure qualify ;-)

Zara's Mama:
How to blog if Lin Peh no Yamade ? You got see what Siao Cha Bor said ? LOL !

Don't worry. The sticker sure not hamsup wan la. (wink wink)

Thanks that you like Lin Peh Si lai idea. Hope to continue support ;-)

Of course got Silai of the year which will be chosen from all the silais of the month lor ;-)

Thank you for reading Lin Peh screwed up blog.

Linpeh no discriminate the chun chun chics and babes. As a matter of fact, Lin Peh LOVE them. But since too many people already do things for those chics and babes, Lin Peh find it to competitive already. So Lin Peh go with the niche market lor. I am sure you understand this niche market thing since you are in sales and marketing ;-)

mr frust:
Good luck to you too ;-)

Apa itu "kongkekfattchoi" ? LOL !

Happy new year to you too ;-)

Nine3 Nine4
Lucky I no understand what "rheumatism" is. and Lin Peh don't want to know also ;-) and "May All Your Wishes Cum True" Also. Cheers ! :-)

Thank you for the tiuniasing yamade new year. Thanks.

Cocka Doodle
Thank you for the complimentary ;-)

Lil Patchee
Happy New Year to you pakcik. Many people said you sounds very cute in the sing song. cute ah ? (wink wink)

Anonymous elaine condemn:


Looking forward to all you
"mou teck tengs" !!!

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Me not pakcik!! *bish* Just you wait.. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

News about KCYAP (
WordPress 2.0 Themes Competition Website got hacked - HOW?? Is there a security vulnerability in WordPress? Was the theme competition itself a hoax?
Posted: 08 Mar 2006 20:18:33 +0000
Update: It now appears that the kcyap theme competition was a complete hoax and the site owner made off with 188 WordPress 2.0 specific themes! The site itself has disappeared, the owner doesn’t respond to any questions nor does he make any attempt to restore the posts, etc. You can read up on some of the discussion in the Wordpress Support Forums. I have removed the links to the hoax site so-as to not generate any additional traffic or inbound links for the jerk.
There is a new WP 2.0 theme competition that is taking it’s place and being run by respected members of the WP community over at WordPress Arena.
I ask that all theme designers who applied to the scam competition now enter the new, legit one — and also would be extremely grateful if you would submit your themes to me, as well. While I’ve nothing to offer in the way of prizes (wish I could, but hopefully some fame and the knowledge that you’re helping the community will be inspiration enough), I am extremely eager to create a Comprehensive List of WordPress 2.0 specific themes (and have plans to create a blog specifically about themes to make it much easier for folks to find the theme of their dreams). Please email all theme info to howtoblog @ with a subject of WP 2.0 theme — thanks!
On March 5th, the WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition that was being hosted by claimed that it got hacked (and that his entire database was erased):
“Very regret to announced that this competition blog website had been hacked. I have no backup for all this data and not sure if the server admin did have a backup on it or not. I am very sorry for this incident.
The prizes will still be the same and i will upload once again all the submitted themes on by one from now. This may takes quite some time, please be patient.
The result for this competition will still be announce don the 10th March 2006.”
This should be a reminder to everyone to BACKUP YOUR DATABASE ON A REGULAR BASIS (I’ll write a how-to post on this shortly).
And as many commenters pointed out, it was unacceptable for a site hosting a theme competition of this level to not have backups. Other commenters suggested the site owner use the Google cache to try to retrieve the old posts.
However, the big question that’s on my mind - and which was brought up by CountZero is how did this happen??
“But the really more important task than assigning any guilt to anyone on this case, I suppose, is to find out how the hacker could compromise the machine. Did he use some undiscovered WordPress vulnerability, did he make use of those being published just about a week ago, or did he make use of other security issues on your server? Is it sure that these loophole(s) are closed now, and can you make sure there is no backdoor/rootkit left on the machine now?”
I hope the WordPress team is taking a good look at this to ensure that it wasn’t the result of some previously unknown security vulnerability in WordPress. Was the kycap Theme Competition Blog running on WP 2.0 or WP 2.0.1? And if he was running the latest version (WP 2.0.1), did the hackers get in through a WordPress security flaw, or through some other method related to his specific hosting situation? Or perhaps he had spyware on his PC and they had a keylogger which gave them access to his password so they could just easily log into his account. (Which reminds me that everyone should have Microsoft’s free Anti-Spyware software installed on their Window’s PCs)
Additionally, there has also been speculation that the whole Theme Competition was a hoax (to gain google pagerank?). Many commenters have found it rather suspicious that even if the database was wiped that there still wouldn’t be backups of all of the themes that designers had submitted - after all, they sent them in through email. And what of all the ‘unnamed judges’ (which I always thought was a little shady..) - shouldn’t they have copies of the themes and their descriptions, as well?
IMHO, the Theme Competition site owner (Justin) owes it to the WP community to work with both his webhost and the WordPress team to discover just how that site got hacked, and then reveal that information to everyone - both to restore his credibility and so that we can all know whether we need to be worried about the same thing happening to us - and learn from his situation about how to protect ourselves. Specifically, we need to know whether the hack stemmed from a problem with WordPress security. I’ll rest easier once this information is known, especially since I’m still entrenched in hoards of hours in porting How to Blog over to WP from TypePad (it was easy to import the posts, but there’s all this minutiae that’s taking hoards of hours to deal with as part of the transition).

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