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Thursday, December 22, 2005

World Premiere of the White Christmas

Here you go !

Tan Sri and Puan Sri, Lato and Latin, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals, Lin Peh veli proudly presents to you (Drum Roll..)


BY THE CRAZY (eat full nothing to do) BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD!

As you can see from the previous update, Helen have proposed that we do a gueess who's singing game but I just realized that someone already got the answer "leaked" just like those SPM papers. Anyway, just for the fun of it, you may still play the game by naming the "singers" here but there won't be any hot prizes as proposed earlier.

Lin Peh will reveal the identity of the singer(s) of each line of the song later. So, please listen carefully and enjoy. By the way, in case the link to the song above too high trafic and you cannot doanload (yeah right), you can also get the song from HERE

Participants in this project include:

GBYeow and his WL
Jkn of KL Podcast
KC Yap
king's wife
Lil' Patchee
Lin Peh
Mikel Lian
Siao Cha Bor
Simmie Lang

Anyway, it has been veli veli nice to receive such good response from all of you.I think it shows the country economy not so good, everyone very free. But never mind la cause it's very nice to be able to sing with all of you especially the hiao hiao wan. The feeling of singing with the hiao hiao wans is as good as singing at KTV with GRO except no need to pay and no extra service. Anyway, Lin Peh, hereby, sincecerly thanks all of you. Thank you ! Xie Xie! Terima Kasih!

Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas. Don't drink and drive and don't drive while yamadeeee ;-) LOL !


Lin Peh

52 Condeminations:

Blogger King's wife condemn:

bravo, bravo...
thk you for your effort lah.
A very Merry Christmas to you too and dun yamade too much....
Can go blind one!

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Roll out the red carpet! Should put counter and see how many downloads. Haha. Sure go through the roof (really, serious!)

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

*standing ovation*
Very good la Linpeh!!

I know which part King's Wife sing..
Sleighbells in the snow part is her..

Got one super lengjai voice woh.. That one you ah?

I'll advertise for you also in my blog.

Sure your visiter hit high up kao kao after this project.

Next round huh, next round sure I'll join. This round no headset, couldn't record w/out the music.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

king's wife:
Blind only yamade with own hand la. LOL!

you mean the hit on my blog can be higher than the Lim Kit Siang punya for once ? Let's see ;-)

zara's mama:
We'll see whether you answer is right about king's wife.

What come everyone asking about the lengjai voice ? That one is Andy Lau la ! LOL !

If visitor hit kao kao after this that means more people will be "corrupted" with Lin Peh KNNCCP type of blog ? You sure police don't catch wan huh ? ;-)

Thanks in advance for advertising :-)

Blogger Wingz condemn:

wuah macam supasetars!!!! *claps till hand also pecah*

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

good job linpeh. by the way can i play the song in my blog???

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lin Peh happy you like the song.

Yes play play. But remember to give credit to all the singers wor. Or else those si lai all veli garang wan wor ;-)

Blogger wombie condemn:

lin peh: I'm not a si lai lerrr

Blogger 1+2mom condemn:

WOW!!!So great..very nice song!!

Anonymous yvy condemn:

WAH!!!! good work lin peh!!!

u did it VERY well leh....*standing upside down ovation n made sure i wear pants n tight tight baju so no free show*

ya ya!! whose voice is that??? so nice *lembik lutut edi, melting...melting....*

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Yvy, shoo-shoo, take a number and go queue up. LOL.

Blogger JoMel condemn:

nobody can guess my voice, cos' I cant even hear it. Too hiao olready. ;)

Thanks Lin Peh. Very good job. *still drooling over Ongline's voice*

Blogger L B condemn:

Excellent! Excellent!! More, more, more!!! Really good liao! Got signed copies? Nevermind, more important, got Valentine version coming soon? Once again, excellent job! Great idea, great leader, great voices, great mixing, great song, and I've downloaded my copy.. Thanks lots!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

What are you trying to hint to Lin Peh ? If not si are chic ? LOL !

Lin Peh hope you listening to the correct song;-)

yvy said:
You good la. What what to wear when doing the upsidedown position. Actually, for upsidedown position and all other positions also, the best is not to wear anything ! LOL !

Must be Lin PEh voice that make you miang *lembik lutut edi, melting...melting....*

Wah..all fighting for the "great voice" fella ? He may be fat fat and ugly want wor ;-)

Hiao voice not enough la. Must hiao in action baru Lin Peh like. LOL !

You said "Thanks Lin Peh. Very good job" sounds very familiar la. Are you one of those that Lin Peh last weekend ? LOL !

You greedy la. Want signed copy, valentine's version...apa lagi ? Please list down everything so next time can kill all the kkc with one stone ! LOL !

To All:
Thanks for compliment. Lin Peh Siok la !

Blogger Siao Cha Bor condemn:

wah, thumbs up!
did u send a copy to Sony Records?
and horr, the so boyish voice, is that you ka?
i droooling la

Anonymous ricky condemn:

Lin Peh, it's a good effort from u in doing this project. But then, I still have to listen to Dean Martin's version to get a X'mas feel!! LOL

Anonymous Joyce condemn:

WAH ! All of you damn super
nice combination & very creative

Thank you to each and everyone for your melodious singing

I enjoyed v much hearing it.

Have a joyful Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year ... cheers !!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh, can reveal who is THE VOICE ah? the one who sings ..i'm dreaming of a whi...te christmas'..
coz i'm in love oredi wor....
greetings fr Stacey

Anonymous jacy condemn:

Walau! Tabik!...Great job.
Who sing the verse "just like the one i used to know" at the beginning? droolin*

How to download a copy of it ah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Siao Cha Bor:
I will send it to my friend Sunny record specilize in distributing porno for pasar malam wan. You think can ah ? ;-)

Who is Dean Martin? Are you related to him ? Cause I think you are Ricky Martin la. Vila Vanila Vodca!
Cheers !

Creative leh ? You like ? You how old ah ? Still available ah ? Lin Peh see your name Joyce Lin Peh also siok cause veli the JOY ! Lin Peh like.

Anonymous Stacey & jacy:
Lin Peh soft soft tell you, you no tell everyone ok....THE VOICE is Lin Peh lor ! HAHAHA (soli la brother..tumpanf a bit your voice)

Rick click on the link and choose "save as" and you will download it.

To All:
If any other chic looking for the Voice it's Lin Peh, if you are Ah Kua or Guy....the voice is Helen !

Blogger Mother Superior condemn:

Excellent! Excellent! I am absolutely impressed with your effort. Well done, LP! Ay, can tell me who the leng jai voice is or not? I'm seriously impressed, man! I wanna make friends with sing song type of people, leh.

Blogger Helen condemn:

Just drop by to congratulate you once again for your great effort!! Simply amazing....

Would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry X'mas. Hope you'll enjoy yourself silly this year!! With luck, you'll get hooked and no need be a mere yamadee spectator. (can actually start putting to use everything you have mastered through all the weekend yamade marathons....)

All the best!! BE GOOD!!!!lol

Anonymous John Ong condemn:

Oh goodness, I agree, what if the LengJai voice turn out to be a big fat ugly head, will that spoil your imaginations. Perhaps it's good to now have the identity revealed in order to preserve the lengjai-ness.

Anyway, LinPeh, I always like people to tell Ham Sap stories on my shows. I don't know if you guys know Hokkien. I also have another podcast called

Anyway, what a great fun!

Anonymous simmie condemn:

Jomel, me too. I can't hear my voice. There were two other people singing the same line as I am. I think lil' patchee's very cute lor!

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

I come back jor and I got bring two kiwi lui for Lin Peh Yamade marathon.

By the way I would like to say THANKS u Beautiful People and specially to Lin Peh

Merry X'mas everyone

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Haha..suggestion!Lin Peh do one for Chinese New year also get John Ong to do a Hokkian Chinese New Year version.
I'm sure Lilian very the good at this

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:


Blogger Louyau-mike condemn:

Good job ... hope to work with you all soon! CNY maybe?

Blogger AhBoy condemn:

wow surprisingly celebrity kind of white christmas bravo bravo. Merry Christmas to all!

Blogger Samm condemn:

YAMADEEE while driving, can meh. must take pic and show wan..

Blogger JoMel condemn:

simmie, never mind lor. backup singers like us, voice shouldn't be that obvious one. But we still very important. All singers need backup singers one. Hahaha

Blogger mr frust condemn:

BRAVO ... BRAVO .....
Really GOOD !!!!!

Blogger mr frust condemn:

BRAVO ... BRAVO .....
Really GOOD !!!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Mother Superior:
You want make friend with sing song people, you are at the right place ! Lin Peh sing song wan la ! LOL !

Thanks for your congrat and merrry christmas to you too !
How you know I only spectator in yamade ? I got yamade action also wan la. That's why can sing song lor. All the GRO hear me sing also say Lin Peh boleh la ! LOL !

By the way, if I no get hook but want to practice my yamade kung-fu, you can help ah ? HAHAH!

John Ong:
Wait a while before reveal la. some chics think it's Lin Peh so let Lin Peh enjoy a while, siok siok a bit, first before reveal la. ;-)

Hokkien humsap story Lin Peh expert la ! When when when ? HAHAHA !

Actually without your voice, the final verse when all sing together won't be nice la.

If you really got bring 2 kiwi lui for Lin Peh Yamade marathon, how to contact ah ? But Lin Peh suspect you only bring 2 Kiwi fruit which is slightly bigger than Lin Peh punya Lan-par la ! LOL !

Hokkian Chinese New Year project sounds like good idea but Lin Peh ended up Lin Peh sing all the KNNCCB la. But anyway, if many people sokong, Lin Peh sure do.

Ah Pek:
Melly Christmas & Happy to you too !

You want CNY project ? You sing hokkien or not ? LOL !

Thanks for support and merry christmas to you too ! ;-)

YAMADEEE while driving, of course can la. But YAMADEEE, driving and take pic all at same time not so easy la. If not believe, you try it yourself lor. LOL !

You are right ! All singers are important. Just because one got leng chai voice does not mean the rest not important ;-)

mr frust: many time you want to clap ah ? Anyway, thanks for the support and MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too !

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Lin Peh, hmmmm.. I detect some jealousy there... no worries, JoMel likes you, good voice or no, JoMel promise! ;D

Anonymous Kelly condemn:

Very Good singing
Everyone is a STAR
in their own way...

Lin Peh, you hum sap and
also got lengchai voice
mana boleh ...... (hahaha)

Anonymous KL Podcast condemn:

Ok, the song is playing on my show now @ There's lots more other Xmas music too, all free for download. Enjoy, n Merry Xmas!

Anonymous Elaine condemn:

wow wow ya ya ....
to all the leng lui and leng jai
very good efforts & well done !!!

sequel 2.... please!!!

salute to the hamsap Lin Peh
your idea "moh tuck teng"

Anonymous ShaolinTiger condemn:

Good job dude, and a very merry xmas, this is one of the most positive things I've seen come out of the Malaysia 'blogosphere'.

Looking forwards to more good AND positive ideas from you!

Cheers and thanks for spending the time to do this, I'm sure many appreciate it.

Anonymous Yumsup condemn:

Wow, veri impressed! No worries even u sound like duck, yumsup also like. Since i got 4-mth bonus, feel like giving u 1 trip to bangkok .. reward you n yr birdie meh. In addition, i throw in one kok kok kai for u. Mau kah?

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Wahluneh! 4mth bonus so geng chao ah? Lu cho simi gang, got so syok bonus?

1 more hour = Christmas eve. Syok syok YAMADE ok! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year everyone!

Anonymous simmie condemn:

lin peh: come ah? Did you use my harmony version?

I think louyau-mike has a good idea. A CNY project! I'm sure after this one, there'll be more participation and lin peh will be more femes!!! LOL

Anonymous John Ong condemn:

Aiyoh, CNY song even nicer!
I'd love to do it. Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, English also can...

Hey, what is "yamade"?

Please educate me! Is it something new? Maybe I've been gone too long?

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

LinPeh - How about a Oh lang sai (black people shit in Hokkien). Kehkehkeh - Auld Lang Syne. Unplug version. We send to you, you simply hentam?

Anonymous yumsup condemn:

4-mth very geng chao meh? Do u know how hard I work for it? When see the boss, u hv to pull yr blouse to show your longkang hole, wear see-thru skirt or super low waist jean to reveal your thongs/g-strings ... celaka, after what i did, i only worth 4-mth bonus .. damn heartsick!
Bored worker, i luv to eat dog. No need to go Korea so far, puchong got claypot stew dog. Linpeh want also join me!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

ppl like you all are so BEAUTIFUL..

I LOVE IT ....
keep up this good spirit

Now all your lovely voices keep playing in my mind


Fm: Zhi Ling

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wau lau...

Bloggers can also be SUPERSTARS

not only in Malaysia but some said
international lor

Thanks to the great efforts of
Lin Peh for & all those who cut this album , giving readers so much fun here

Fm: fanC

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Thank you for liking me. Want to "kao" Lin Peh or not ? (wink. wink)

Humsap cannot have good lengjai voice meh ? When you free ? We can meet up...let me humsap and yamadeee in my lengjai voice just for you. LOL !

KL Podcast:
Wah..your podcast veli nice and thanks for playing our great project over there. Thanks again for participation and promotion ;-)

sequel 2? Onli if you sing with Lin Peh and you must sing with hiao hiao voice somemore. can ah ?

Lin Peh punya other humsap idea lagi "moh tuck teng" ahhhh...condom oso cannto block, sure pregnant wan! LOL !

Is "positive" meaning good or bad cause Lin Peh very confuse when people use positive-negative wan.

Example 1: The lenglui very "positive" about you.

Example 2: HIV test shows positive result.

Which is which ah ?

Anyway, thanks for your positive comment and merry christmas to you too ;-)

Lin Peh happy when yumsup like. Lin Peh very thank you for the bangkok offer but yumsap better tell detail cause Lin Peh scare it's a "one way" trip via AirAsia free ticket and the kok kok kai is from KFC wan. HAHAHA !

gbyeow & Yumsup:

Yumsup you work at which KTV wan ah ? LOL ! If you 2 go eat dog meat, please don't include me. But if go lick "pussy" please call Lin Peh. LOL !

Of course Lin Peh use your hormony version cause it sounds very good, really add hormon to the song.

So, if we do CNY project, we will need chinese musician wor ;-) can you blow my chinese flute for Lin Peh ? (wink wink)

John Ong: really multi-talented huh ? Can sing so many languages. Lin Peh
only know how to yamade in all languages la ;-)

You want to know the meaning of "yamade" ah ? to explain la? Please ask Helen, the "hiao po si lai" her engrish better, can explain very well. and if you lucky, maybe she will "yamade" with you somemore ! HAHHAHA !

Oh lang sai veli racist la. Lin Peh no racist wan. Lin Peh veli hormony wan.

Anonymous (Zhi Ling):
Thanks for support. Your name veli sweet. Lin Peh like. You from China wan ah ? ;-)

Anonymous (fanC):
Thank you your support also. Your name also very sweet especially when read in cantonese..sounds like Sweet Potato ;-) Lin Peh also like.

Blogger suanie condemn:

lol best!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

fanC = Sweet Potato
i nv thgt of it, until you said it.

nvm, if ppl are happy thinking it so,
worth all the efforts.

I am learning from this too
Cheers everyone !!!

Blogger Kimberlycun condemn:

this is such a wonderful project! merry xmas peeps

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Yamadee is from the Ka-Lo Manga one
sound like this:-

ha.....ha.......ha....urm....urm... yamade

Add your condemn