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Thursday, January 12, 2006



When Lin Peh was doing the Christmas Sing Song Projeck, the idea was to hit-and-run like "molesting" those mei-mei during year-end count down at KLCC like dat. However, after listening to the Blogger White Christmas, many people actually want more and ask Lin Peh to do another round for Chinese New Year because of the following reasons:

1. The Chritmas Sing Song very nice. (Lin Peh think they downloaded the wrong file)

2. Want to make Lin Peh more busy so Lin Peh no chance go molest chics in the street. (They call this modern day Rukun Tetangga)

3. More John Ong Leng Chai Voice ! (This one is from all the Silais who think John Ong look as handsome as his voice. LOL!)

4. Chinese New Year no Sing Song MANA BOLEH ?!!!!

Anyway, after consulting the singers, musicians and the technical team of the Christmas Sing Song Projeck, we have decided to go ahead and do the Part II of the projeck which is called BLOGGER CHA CHA GUO XIN NIAN !

For those of you who already participated in the PART I, the formula is still the same so Lin Peh no need to tell you much. For the virgin newcomers, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to HERE, HERE or HERE to get the kalaoke music of Gong Xi Gong Xi.

2. The lyrics of the Gong Xi Gong Xi song (Both Mandarin and Han Yu Pin Yin)is posted below so please refer to it if you dunno the lyrics.

3. In case you are so screwed up and don't know how the original song sounds like, you may get a copy of it HERE or HERE and listen to it for practising purpose. (Please delete the file cause Lin Peh no pay copyright one. Somemore, the song sung by Teresa Teng who already dead. Not veli nice if she come claim copyright from Lin Peh during CNY time).

4. Sing the "Gong Xi Gong Xi" song and record it down. Try your bestest to sing according to the correct tempo and key! Remember to follow the kalaoke music Lin Peh provide one. NOT THE TERESA TENG VERSION!

3. When doing the recording, make sure to use a headphone to listen to the kalaoke music while you sing directly into the mic. That means, record only your voice! Lin Peh want your voice only! It may sounds awful without music but don't worry la because Lin Peh can do wonder as long as you don't record down the karaoke music or noise of your baby crying in background. (WARNING: last time projeck, many sing too near to the mic and the breathing veli loud sounds like porno onli. Please don't do that!)

4. Send your recording in mp3/wav/wma format to Lin Peh at

5. Please remember to include your Blog Name when your send in your recording so that credit can be given when the projeck is published.

6. Check this blog regularly for the update of this project.

7. Last day to submit your singing is 5pm 16 January 2006.

That's all you need to do. Hope to "hear" from you all very soon ! Enjoy, Lin Peh waiting for you cha cha cha ! ;-)






Here's the Hanyu Pinyi Version (courtesy of Winnie Wennie)

Gong Xi Gong Xi

mei tiao da jie siao siang
mei geh ren di zhui lee
jien mien di yi ju hua
jiu si gong xi gong xi
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

dung tian yi dao jing tou
zhen shi hao di siao xi
wen nuan di chuen feng
jiu yao chui sing da di
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

hao hao bing xue rong jie
yan kan mei hua tu rei
man man chang yeh guo chu
ting dao yi shen ji ti
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

jing guo duo sao kuen nan
li jing duo sao muo lian
duo sao xin er pan wang
pan wang chuen de xiao xi
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

Projeck Team Members:

Projeck Manager:
Lin Peh

Visual Director:
Y.Bhg Tan Sri Rojak Wingz

Creative Director:

Tehnical Directors:
GB Yeow

Marketing Director:
Ah John

Language Director:
Winnie Wennie

Special tank Q to:
5Xmom for generously hosts the files at her parenting website MyMomsBest
Ah Johnfor generously hosts the files at his OngLine podcast site
GB Yeowfor generously hosts the files at his boredworkers punya opis site

37 Condeminations:

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Oi, LinPeh, if I sing the whole song, my tongue sure got knotted bcos I can't speak Mandarin wor. Read the Hamyi pinyin oso hard liao, how to sing? I still want to phat phor in the spirit of blogging community. Can I just sing the gong xi gong xi chorus part ah? In the end, if my gong xi comes out with Yindian slang, you just edit my voice out lor. No problem wan. Apamaciam, can ah?

Blogger Helen condemn:

Waaa, see the leang jai ngau jeong choy sun Andy Lau also see red liao!!

OK... I'm downloading the music, and this time, my hubby fatt hiao want to sing also.... hee hee

Wei, I want to see John Ong punya face. He got his own blog or not har?? Next time got new project, I want to hear Lin Peh's voice. Diu, no excuse!! OK?

Blogger +wennie condemn:

oi! u want me to kam u kao kao izzit? >_<

Blogger Wingz condemn:

sing whole song ?? oi dilekter can sing aprt of the song boh ? sing whole song i knot leh ... my mandarin is like pull cow up the tree wan lol

Blogger She's Jess condemn:

I like the part when you say this, "Somemore, the song sung by Teresa Teng who already dead. Not veli nice if she come claim copyright from Lin Peh during CNY time"

Damn.. you're really funny.

Eh... when I come in, was greeted by some speeches by you is it? In Hokkien ah?

Blogger King's wife condemn:

ya man, i agree with lilian. I read 1 verse also dunno like wat... sound like alien language!!

yindian slang also nvr mind, the music also like that mah...

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Yay! Operasi nyanyi gong xi gong xi begins!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Of course can la. You can just select part to sing. No problem wan! ;-)

By careful of your hubby la. I think he really believe Lin Peh goin to get mei-mei GRO to sing together !

You want see John Ong punya face you tok to John Ong la ! You click on his name and you will see his website.

Steady la. Lin Peh's voice sure can be found in gong xi gong xi wan la !

Lin Peh know you trying tok hokkien. But not sure you mean "kam" me or "kan" me cause "kam" means suck and "kan" means fuck. Anyway, both oso Lin Peh like ;-)

Sing part can la. No problem. By the way, mana lu punya itu official "logo" of this projeck? Lin Peh wait until last minute pun tarlak nampak. Have to use Lau Tatt Wah as backup la :-(

She's Jess:
Lin Peh write so long and you onli like 2 sentense kah ? Chi-bye leh ! :-(

Yes ! It was Hokkien (penang style) sponsored by Leng Chai Voice John Ong.

King's wife:
You get King to sing oso la !

By the way, the music not yet spice up wan. No add the new year mood and cha cha yet. Till you listen to the final product.

Lil Patchee:
Wellcum! Wellcum!

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Go go go! Wah... this time round the time limit so short one?

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Wei, got any prize for being the first to submit or not? I damn efficient I tell you.

Blogger She's Jess condemn:

Aiyoor.. at least I like soemthing there leh Lin peh

Blogger +wennie condemn:

like ur head, i'm talking canto 'kam', means 'slap' u ah. >P

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

This time the time limit short a bit because must give time to 9394 to burn and sell the CD at pasar malam. If not, after CNY, go sell Jinjang oso no one buy. LOL!

You really efficient and Lin PEh already received ! First one sure got special treatment la.

"Like a virgin, touch for the veli first a vir-er-er-er gin..." Madonna wan.

She's Jess
Tank Q for liking something in my blog. Lin Peh starting to like you liao ;-)

Soli lor. Gua Si Hokkien Lang ! So..... want the hokkien Kam ? LOL !

Blogger She's Jess condemn:

How can Lin Peh start to like me jek? Don't talk nonsense la..

Anonymous simmie condemn:

4 days to submit? Wah...duno if I got time or not....see how lah...I'm still coughing worrrr

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

Lin Peh play attention la..dont go and kau lui chinese new year happy or no happy depen on the sing song project.bcoz I'm going to burns into Cd, go pasar malam sell.

Anonymous simmie condemn:

I just practiced using the karaoke version. The range was a little low for me but if I sang an octave higher....I sound like a chipmunk...hahaah

I'll try my best!!!

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

Yay!!!! This banana sing liao. LOL, I don't have the faintest idea what I am singing. Anyone can translate that ah? Baru got feel mah. Lin Peh check yr mail hor?

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

linpeh.. teach me how to convert .wav to mp3.. gua tarak tao

Anonymous moon lady condemn:

linpeh linpeh, i also wan to sing, but me not a blogger wor so can join or not?

Anonymous simmie condemn:

I sent in mine liao!

Say, lin peh, I just thought of something. For those people who are unfamiliar with voice recording, maybe you can recommend them some softwares and tell them what format to save in etc...

For me, I used Wavepad. It wasn't too difficult. For the last sing song project, I used a trial version of AVS. It kinda sucked cos they only give you very limited space to record.

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

LinPeh, I got something else to propose. Can you insert some good wishes first before the song started? In diff language, like Canto, Mandarin, Hokkien, English. Maybe some intro first and the purpose we do it. Who knows, people may want to pass around the recording to their friends and etc and that way, we are promoting blogging in a good way lor.

Anonymous LP condemn:

Hey simmie
I decided to take your suggestion and participate in this fun project. May be pretty soon we both can have duet concert here at BJI :)

I use Audacity to record. Very easy to use and is free.

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Yay! More ppl joining this time. I used Audacity too. ;)

Anonymous LP condemn:

Forgot to mention, I think my neighbour going to "GONG" me pretty soon after listening to my pratice all nite long :)

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

She's Jess:
No nonsense la. True wan ! (wink! wink!)

Tank Q for you file. You are FIRST one. By the way, the technical part please check with the technical directors la. LOL !

Nine3 Nine4:
Don't worry! Lin Peh get the OGH punya franchisee help sell !

Lin Peh sudah check. Tank Q. What banana sing ? use mouth sing la. by the way, you got banana meh ? ;-)

Zara's Mama:
No need convert wav to mp3. Just send in wav. Lin Peh do the conversion. By the way, received yours oledi ! Tank Q tank Q !

moon lady:
No blogger oso can la. Cause Lin eh in good mood today (by the way, you pretty wan ah ? ) LOL !

Your intro greeting idea damn good. Lin Peh will try to work on dat. Anyway, the idea you proposed has just made you the position as joint-creative dilektor with Helen. Kongrachulasion !

You do want to do BJ please tok in private la ! LOL !

By the way, dun worry la cause Lin Peh working on getting group polisi for all the singers just in case anyone kena "gong"!

Lil Patchee:
More people joining need to tank Q all the bloggers and non-bloggers suppoters who do promosion la !;-)

Blogger Wingz condemn:

latuk u spell my nick wrong laaa wingz not winz lar latuk

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Lin Peh ka lu kong....
I sent 2 version oredi. 1 normal, 1 abnormal. I mean rock version like Bon Jovi. You listen and choose lah.

Anonymous allison condemn:

Ooh LinPeh, first time conteng here... Toh toh ji kow. I came from the 9394 desmond mia blog... He ajak me to join this Gong Hey project ler... sounds so chun yoh. Count me in okie... Yeah, the X'mas one was great i still keeping the file.. for the next one to come hohoho...

Anonymous simmie condemn:

lp: yeah..I practiced and recorded several times until one without mistake! hahahaha

lin peh: BJI is short of the town we live in lerrrr. Oh yeah, since I'm the first to submit for both sing song projects...don't I deserve a prize??? :)

Anonymous LP condemn:

choi choi choi, simmie and me are both zhen khen otak sure kotor... BJI not BJ sure need your glasses liao.

Anonymous Joyce condemn:

Malaysia Boleh !
Lin Peh Lagi Boleh !!

sequel 2 in the making .....

gong xi, gong xi... to the next hottest hit in town for this coming Chinese New Year !

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Tan Sri, your name has been korectted. Soli for the error ;-)

Cocka Doodle:
Wah ! You not only can cock, you oso can rock ! Lin Peh like !

Tank Q for cumming here ! oledi counted you in for this projeck ! Nice to know you still keep the Christmas file, maybe you can check with 9394 to include it as the bonus track when he produce the CNY cd for pasar malam. ;-)

Lin Peh oledi gave you a painting for christmas mah. If not enough, Lin Peh will paint another one specially for you one. Ok ah ?

Why you said Lin Peh otak sure kotor wor ? BJ is short form for BJI mah ;-)

Since you know it's going to be the next hottest hit in town for this coming Chinese New Year, don't you wanna sing oso ?

Anonymous moon lady condemn:

me hor, the pretty lady with the pretty and sexy voice, sommore come all the way from the moon

Blogger JoMel condemn:

I got back and everyone is practicing ah?? No need lah, just sing, save and send. Lin Peh will do his magic on your voice. Sure turn you into a superstar one. Hor Linpeh??? *winks*

Anonymous KL Podcast condemn:

Wowww! Looks like fun! Sadly, I no speaketh (nor singeth) the language :(

Anonymous Crystella condemn:

Which pinyin or pronunciation system is this? It doesn't seem consistent.

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