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Friday, October 05, 2007

Space Mission 104: Specially for Spaceflight Participant


To celebrate that our first Malaysian boleh astronaut is not an astronaut according to the Official Website of NASA, Lin Peh will today continue the Space Mission Mini Series by toking about "Space Mission 104: Specially for Spaceflight Participant"

In this episode 104, Lin Peh will show you what can our Boleh Astronaut Spaceflight Participant do in space since he got so much free time up there.

The answer is Ta Fei Kei EXERCISE!

Since it is zero gravity up there, exercising can be quite a challenging task. So, Lin Peh will now specially design a series of Space Exercise for our Spaceflight Participant.

Step 1: Breathing
Just like any other exercise, you must start with your breathing exercise by Sam Fu Cup, Cup Hei, Tao Hei (Repeat until oxygen tank empty)


Step 2: Stretching
Pom Chak Chak Pom Chak Chak


Step 3: Upper Body
Swing your hands and point them to the Stars of your choice


Step 4: Lower Body
Move to your right and back


Move to your left and back


Step 5: Siaran Tergendala - Stop For Prayer

Execersise6's prayer time, make sure to perform your prayer even you are in space!

Step 6: Resume Exercise
Resume exercise with Head Exercise. Make sure you sing along the song from Shaolin Soccer
Siu Lam Kung Fu Hou....Ngo Hai Tit Tao Gong !! Ai...Cah


Step 6: Floating Exercise
Practice this move, extremely useful if the Russian astronauts abandon you.


Step 7: Boogie Exercise


You can do this move for the other astronauts when they ask you to entertain them in space.

Step 8: Buang Sueh


Do this before re-entering the earth, like that all the Sueh Hei from outer space will be buang!

Step 9: Group Exercise


Do this group exercise with the others so you can create the first ever Malaysia Boleh Space MTV!

Step 10: Mission Completed


Well done! Time to go campaign for Barisan Nasional
Money money come...
Money money come....

11 Condeminations:

Blogger Sasha condemn:


he damn leng chai....say whatever u want la...



Blogger Helen condemn:

hahahaha lin peh you bad boy!

Psst dun bully astro.. er space participant har.. He got plenty of fansee. Afterwards they screw you 99.

Anonymous ahBoon condemn:

how about sex in the space?? if show huh lagi more penonton lo!!!

Blogger clement condemn:

they can do all that? =O

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

.........Malaysian 'astronut' , 'cosmonut' or 'spacenut' ???

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

i think that is linpeh la.....
tht's is he's real face.......

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

lin peh!!! when is your next space trip??? i wanna join in also as the space participant also... please can arr???

Blogger CY condemn:

Wargh! 'Floating exercise' step damn funny!! xD

Blogger Wuching condemn:

does spaceflight participant means he doesn't get to fly?

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

He go up there and tarfeikei in zero gravity ah?

Anonymous Mei Ling condemn:


That's damn funny! You made me laugh like a jackass...

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